Teasing Times

Friday nights are full of promise. That perfect balance between the end of a week and a start of a weekend, they seem to have their own rules so when my Master told me to keep mine free this week I couldn’t say no.

It’s been a long time since I’ve had the chance to play with my Master and Princess together and so it seemed apt that a little more anticipation would build the occasion further.

I managed to send my Master a text about my address by accident rather than to my friend and his Friday afternoon mind was woken up by it. He ordered me to interrupt my meeting to go into the bathroom and slip four fingers into my cunt and send it to him and Princess.

Of course I was happy to oblige and then await my next orders from him, getting wetter and more ready as the day went on. Just as I was tempted to ask instead of await, he told both Princess and I to get dressed and when she got to my house for me to tie her to the bed and tease her clit with my tongue without her coming until he arrived.

She looks so good in her waist trainer with her arms and legs wide and tied to my bed that I had no difficulty diving into her cunt almost immediately. I haven’t had the chance to taste her in so long that it was a treat to.

Although maybe not for her since my plan was to tease and almost torture her with my tongue and mouth and hers was to be licked until she came hard and quickly. But where’s the fun there?

It was in me kissing her cunt and biting and sucking her thighs til she squirmed before flicking my tongue across her clit and fucking her lightly with it to get her dripping wet before distracting myself with sucking her clit and licking her until she tried to push herself over the edge with her own hands.

At that level of brattiness, I made her sit up to kiss me instead to prevent her hands misbehaving. I was about to take pity on her and ask my Master where he was when he texted to say he was five minutes away. I tried to reply with how horny Princess was but she was literally biting my hands in frustration at that point.

The only option I had was to tell her to lie back down and start again because what could I enjoy more than the power of having a beautiful woman’s cunt being pushed into your face as she fucks your mouth and begs you to make her come?

Turns out the only thing is my Master coming up behind me while I lick her delicious cunt and teasing me with his hard cock before fucking me hard and deep until I come around him.

Only then was Princess allowed to come but by then my mouth wasn’t enough for her hungry cunt…


Teasing Times

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