After giving Princess her present after being so good about delayed gratification recently, I enjoyed her offering her thanks in return. She has excellent manners and both of us were incredibly horny due to all that delayed gratification.

I couldn’t get enough of her two fingers brushing against my G spot and was practically begging her to add another when she stopped to tease me with her tongue before returning to fucking me with her fingers inside me and on my clit. That orgasm barely took a moment to come.

I was getting wetter and wetter watching her up on her knees, tiny waist on display and sliding her fingers into me and pushing her palm against my soaking wet cunt. Another orgasm didn’t take long.

Much as I’d enjoyed giving her orders earlier, I was thoroughly enjoying her response to them. They’d made me soaking wet and asking me if I wanted another orgasm. How could I say no to such a lovely face and such lust? I couldn’t and neither could she.

Without having to say any more she was lying on top of me with four fingers inside my cunt as I pulled my legs up round her back as high as possible. Always a favourite position for me with a cock, it felt even deeper with her hand and I had another very intense orgasm that left me unable to do much more than grasp her tightly to me and lie back to recover.

My Master wasn’t joking earlier when he reminded me that Princess responds very well to rewards….



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