Telling Tails

Sometimes when life is making you be very practical, it helps to make it more erotic to break up any monotony.

Since Princess isn’t the type to be able to wait in for the plumber to fix her shower and make that a sexual escapade, I decided that when she came here to use mine instead that I needed to give it that frisson myself.

So once she got out of the shower all scrubbed clean and smelling delicious, I ordered her to put her underwear back on along with the waist trainer and a blindfold and lie on the bed with her ass up in the air.

With that lovely view, I introduced her ass to her new present of a glass dildo with leather flogger tails and very much enjoyed first her confusion of the two textures running along her skin and then the jump as the leather cracked across her bare ass.

She writhed against the bed and arched her ass higher into the air for more strokes of the flogger so I’m pretty sure she liked her present immensely. She also kept telling me how wet she was getting and when I offered her the Doxy, she didn’t pause at all pressing it straight to her clit until she came.

But the best bit of giving a present is getting thanks in return which Princess was happy to start doing right then and there, but that I also get the tomorrow too when I watch my Master gets to use his height to use those long tails on the flogger better than I did…

Telling Tails

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