After Princess fetched dinner the other night, I felt it was only fair to thank her in some way. And having not seen her naked earlier that night, it had to involve stripping her off on my sofa and playing with her clit until she came.

I had planned to then get her to wear the strap on and teach me some of her superb deepthroat skills to earn any subsequent orgasms that evening. I also knew my Master would enjoy the photos we sent him that evening and of course enjoy me showing off any new skills in person on another occasion too.

But being so horny, I was easily distracted from my plan when I felt her hot wet cunt under my hand and just wanted to keep it there all evening making her squirm and beg for me to make her come.

Only problem was that feeling her cunt react so well as I slipped my fingers into her went straight to my cunt and made me even hornier than before. So I didn’t object at all when she brushed her fingers against my soaking wet cunt until I was barely able to stop myself pushing her hand inside me.

She just held it there waiting for me to take charge and I couldn’t hold back from grinding against her palm and then riding her hand as she fucked me with four fingers as I played with her. Feeling her cunt get wetter and wetter and press against me as she came pushed me right into a huge orgasm too.

Only then did I actually give her an order to lick my cunt as I was still coming and she got down on her knees on the floor for me. She used her tongue and mouth on me like she does on my Master’s cock and the resulting orgasm was so intense, I actually had bright lights flash in front of my eyes when I came.

I’m looking forward to learning those skills on the strap on very soon because it didn’t feel entirely fair my Master only got one more photo of her that night from me…


2 thoughts on “Afters

  1. Miscm says:

    Hi there
    You may not have got my DM so thought I’d comment here. Had a little scare so have deleted my old online identities. Might try again in future.
    All the best


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