Photo Orders

Things are definitely getting back to normal for me. My Master sent me orders yesterday that he had a work event in the evening and expected to be entertained during it by having photos of his wife and his submissive together arrive on his phone.

I haven’t been able to follow an order in a while so my ears definitely pricked up at this one. Princess and I actually spent the afternoon hanging out with a friend of mine who is a queer woman and the conversation was mainly about cunt.

I love hanging out with that friend and normally never feel like I see her for long enough but last night when she said she had to go, I could barely bundle her out the door fast enough so I could turn my attention to Princess’s cunt properly.

Despite being dominant of Princess as part of my submission, I find it extremely difficult to initiate sex with her. It tends to start off more mutually and then I take charge but I never initiate it. Few things leave me less turned on with men than having to initiate sex or take charge that I’ve never learned the skills to do it.

But last night I was so horny I actually didn’t seem to have any difficulty for once. Within a few minutes of my friend leaving I had Princess on my bed with her hand on my soaking wet cunt. All that conversation as suggestion and the knowledge that I could send the photos to my Master got me able to start things no trouble.

I couldn’t get enough of Princess’s fingers on my clit and it was barely seconds before she made me come. But what I really wanted was her tongue buried in my cunt soaking her face and making me come again.

And clearly so did she because she’s rarely licked me like she did, flicking my clit piercing back and forth, darting her tongue in and out and sucking on my cunt until she made me come on her face three times in increasing intensity until it felt like the long orgasms the Doxy gives me.

She had literally just had time to kiss me when the doorbell rang as our dinner arrived at the door and since she hadn’t taken any of her clothes off, she obediently went to answer it  while I got dressed again.

I suspect it might be easier to be dominant and initiate sex more when the submission in return includes giving me orgasms, providing very hot photos for my Master and putting dinner on the table…



Photo Orders

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