Starting Again

I’ve definitely getting back to feeling sexual while I’m awake as well as in my sleep so when Princess came round yesterday it was definitely an excuse to see how far I could push myself.

There was no difficulty starting off kissing and feeling it start go to my cunt. Nor was there any difficulty in letting my hands slide down her ass and round to cup her cunt through her panties. I love not wearing underwear on my Master’s orders but I love feeling Princess get wet through the fabric of hers.

But I also love feeling her get wet under my fingers too so it wasn’t long before I was slipping my hand over her freshly shaved cunt and just holding her as we kissed. The more slick her cunt felt the more mine responded in turn.

So it took a lot of willpower to do no more than simply press her hand into her pussy and let her squirm against it until she had to ask me to either make her come or stop completely.

I stopped in order to keep her learning about delayed gratification. But now I’m the one squirming wishing I’d made a different decision…

Starting Again

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