I haven’t had an orgasm in two weeks. Not because my Master has been giving me orders and keeping me on edge, but because life has got in the way. Illness, trips away, life events and the general day to day has cropped up in those two weeks which for me has led to no orgasms.

A few years ago I’d be climbing the walls by now but my Master’s training has paid off in making me much less impatient for orgasms. Before I met him I didn’t think particularly about what kind of orgasm it was or where it came from, just the simple act of coming like scratching some kind of itch before moving on.

Now after his training, I’m less impatient but more greedy for orgasms. I want them to be good enough to savour. I’m prepared to work for them if that means following tasks, withholding them until given permission or simply giving myself over to what he wants.

The irony if course is now that I’m not as frantic for orgasms, they are easier to me to have. I routinely lose count of how many orgasms I have with either my Master or Princess and I’ve never had sex with either of them without an orgasm.

And in all honesty, I’d now be surprised if I didn’t even though I’ve previously had sexual encounters with other people that were more then enjoyable and didn’t lead to any orgasm on my part. I haven’t considered an orgasm an essential part of sex for me although I very much like to give my partner one.

So I was interested to read this piece by Exhibit A about sex without orgasms and be reminded that I’ve been living in a bit of a bubble recently filled with seemingly non stop orgasms and it’s no wonder the real world has finally interjected.

It will definitely do me good to reminded not to get nonchalant about the number of orgasms I’ve been having. Interestingly though the piece made me think more about my Master’s orgasms than mine.

I may end up having multiple orgasms with him and enjoying every one, but thinking about the intensity of the one orgasm he has at the end of a scene and how it feels when he comes into me goes straight to my cunt now as I type…


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