I got an amusing text last night from a friend telling me that she was delighted to find that Labyrinth was on Netflix because she’d just bought her first Doxy and that was the film that gave her her first sexual feelings as a girl so it seemed appropriate to combine them.

I’ve lost count of how many of my peers, both male and female, first discovered some inner feelings to David Bowie in those tight trousers. There was as much grieving for those feelings when he died this year as for his music amongst my friends.

I can’t remember anything about the film except those grey tights and unlike friends who went on to other filthy thoughts soon after, I still harbour such a thing about men in tights that it was the thing that kick started my relationship with my Master properly.

Several months of friendly but flirty texts turned into an unexpected and incredibly sexually charged moment that began our whole relationship when he sent me a photograph of himself in drag one afternoon.

Seeing his legs in stockings quite literally put me under his spell and in the space of about ten minutes I was playing with my pussy for a man I’d met twice before. It’s no surprise that I can still picture that photo in my head almost two years later because few things do it for me more than imagining a man’s cock in tights.

Women’s tights (rather than stockings) tend to be oddly asexual but the opposite is true for men. They enhance the sheer sexuality of a man’s cock in a way that male underwear rarely does for me.

And then there’s the confidence required for a man to wear something supposedly so feminine and carry it off. I used to live with a guy who taught ballet to soldiers to improve their fitness and recovery from injuries and few people were more sure in themselves than him and his fellow dancers.

More than one hyper-masculine squaddie lived to regret taking the piss out of them for sure. I on the other hand very much enjoyed having a houseful of men who wore tights for a living, even if my flatmate was terrible at paying his rent on time.

So  it seemed apt that I looked at one of my favourite sites, the fantastic Critique My Dick Pic today, and found an image of a man in tights that will give me very sweet dreams tonight indeed


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