Three’s Company

I loved this post by Exhibit A about a MFF threesome and all the expectations, pressures and achievements within such an event. It’s a very sexy, very tender and very vulnerable piece of writing and well worth a read.

Interestingly none of these thoughts had come into my head in the past four or five months of having fairly regular threesomes with my Master and Princess. I was however, full of overthinking the situation before I actually had a threesome with another woman.

Some of that was good old fashioned inexperience. I’d never had sex with a woman before and I was nervous that I wouldn’t be any good or even worse, just not that into it. The last thing I wanted was to make Princess feel bad while she was in my bed.

I can’t account for the quality of my sexual actions the first few times with Princess but when it came down to it, I couldn’t believe how much I enjoyed it and how wet it got me. I felt no hesitation at all in part because my Master had me blindfolded throughout so I had to trust him and follow his orders rather than think for myself.

The fact I had never seen or spoken to Princess until after we’d fucked for the first time simply enhanced it for me by removing any preconceptions or expectations. Essentially it turned out to be the ultimate blind date.

I never felt any pressure from either of them. Any concerns I had were entirely self imposed. I never felt worried about having sex with a couple who know each other well and feeling excluded or second best and I trusted my Master to have my back if anything seemed tricky.

Not knowing what either of them were thinking definitely helped even though it goes against all the advice I’ve ever seen on the subject which is to all talk first, set boundaries and discuss as much as possible. I much prefer simply putting my trust in my Master and letting him take charge since he does know both Princess and I quite well.

I had also completely forgotten until after that first threesome with my Master and Princess that it wasn’t actually my first threesome. I’m not entirely sure how you forget such things, but I think in part its because none of the three people involved in ever referred to it that way and so I never made the association.

When I was in my teens, I had a relationship for four or five months with two men. Long before I’d ever heard of polyamory or ethical non monogamy or probably even a threesome (it was Ireland in the 90s. Hardly a hot bed of sexual enlightenment) it was great fun and very non complicated.

They were both bisexual men in a couple and I fucked both of them separately and together and enjoyed both equally. I loved my cunt being the novelty in the scenario. But I especially loved watching two men clearly enjoying fucking and sucking each other and simply considering my cunt an added bonus rather than the main show.

Both those first threesomes taught me that the best way to approach such a thing is to want to share your partners. It’s not a time to be selfish or territorial but to want the best for everyone involved and work together as a team.

That way you get to discover just how useful a third pair of hands is in bed…

Three’s Company

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