Greedy Girl

I always used to be slightly uncomfortable with the idea of being greedy during sex. I think it partly stems from the fact that greedy is usually a negative word in other contexts and partly because I’d always associated it with greediness being selfishness.

Then I read this fantastic piece on being greedy in bed and how it links with the active act of submission and it made perfect sense suddenly. In a D/s relationship, greedy is actually good.

It’s that sense of being in the moment where all you want is to have your boundaries pushed further and further and all the background noise in your brain switches off. It’s my cunt just begging for a bigger toy or another finger along that fist and only being aware of the senses of the sexual acts rather than conscious thought.

It’s when my Master has to ask me questions to keep me connected before I go into subspace so much I’m almost intoxicated but not wanting to stop. It’s Princess lifting up off the bed with my fist clenched in her cunt and the Doxy pressed against her clit but still wanting that bit more. It’s my Master filling my cunt with the biggest toy possible and his cock and knowing I wouldn’t even think to ask him to stop.

Greedy is when each experience and orgasm makes you want to try more and learn more for next time and make sure that you don’t let anything else interfere with that such as hang ups about your body or worries about things.

It certainly has its time and place and it’s not the response to every situation but there’s something delicious about creating a situation where someone is greedy for you and what you give them. There are few feelings of power like it in fact.

Encouraging someone to indulge and enjoy their sexual pleasure without complication is something we could probably all do with more of in our lives and I plan to be as greedy as possible in future without guilt…

Greedy Girl

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