Carrying On


After fucking me to more orgasms than I could count while he bent me over the bed and tightened my corset, my Master flipped me onto my back on the bed and left me to catch my breath.

I should have guessed it wasn’t actually kindness or consideration for the fact he’d tightened the corset more than ever before since Princess wasn’t there to plead on my behalf.

Instead he used the interlude to pick out a toy to slip into my cunt to stretch it with. Lying back blindfolded with my cunt wide open with how turned on I was, I couldn’t work out which toy he’d chosen to tease and then fill my cunt with.

He had quite a few to choose from where I’d laid them out as instructed but it was difficult to tell just filled up I was especially when the toy slipped in so very easily. He fucked me rhythmically with it as he told me to rub my pierced clit as he slowly listed all the slutty changes he’s made to my body in the past 18 months.

I was getting wetter and more open with each thing he reminded me of. My body is completely different in every way to when I met him and I prefer every change he’s made. Particularly a cunt that can take a second toy in it like he used at that point and come so easily around both.

And if a cunt can take two toys, it can take two cocks. Handily the cock that comes with the strap on is the same size and thickness as his and he proved it by slipping both into me at the same time and fucking me slowly but deeply until I came again.

Each time I come round something large, it stretches me out that little bit more and when he changed tempo and slid his fist into me instead of the two cocks, I almost felt loose around his hand and it took him to interlock both his hands and fist me that way to tip me over into another orgasm.

I was so stretched open that when he pulled me on top of his cock again, there was a brief moment where my cunt took it and the John Holmes toy at the same time and it felt incredible for both of us until my cunt actually couldn’t hold the toy in any longer.

He made do with fucking my ruined cunt until he came into it and I think he liked the feel of his handiwork because he came so hard he almost bucked me off his cock with the intensity of his orgasm.

I know he wants me to not be able to feel his cock inside me eventually but it’s tricky not to when someone fucks you like that…



Carrying On

One thought on “Carrying On

  1. […] It’s when my Master has to ask me questions to keep me connected before I go into subspace so much I’m almost intoxicated but not wanting to stop. It’s Princess lifting up off the bed with my fist clenched in her cunt and the Doxy pressed against her clit but still wanting that bit more. It’s my Master filling my cunt with the biggest toy possible and his cock and knowing I wouldn’t even think to ask him to stop. […]


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