Fist Practice

Princess is out of town for a while and I’m at a loose end as what to do with myself (apart from practice stretching for my Master of course and hope for more orders from him generally.)

Before she left, we spent the afternoon fisting each other to make sure she wouldn’t lose her gape while she’s away. It was particularly satisfying slipping my fist into her cunt with ease and thinking how natural it felt compared to how nerve wracking I found it when I first started fucking her.


I’m not sure I’ll ever forget how incredible and overwhelming it felt when my Master taught me how to fist her the first time, guiding my hand and my nerves with his orders until she came. It was one of the most intimate experiences I’ve ever had with anyone and all the more for it being with two people simultaneously.

It was interesting to compare just how more practised I feel at fisting now after a few months. I’m enjoying it more the more I do it as I am no longer worrying about doing it ‘right’ and simply concentrating on enjoying it and making sure Princess does too.

She seemed to be thinking along the same lines as she did something with the knuckles of her fist while it was inside me that I don’t think I’ve felt her do before. It made me come intensely and also squirt copiously all over the bed which is the first time anyone else has ever made me do that.


I couldn’t stop thinking about how much I enjoy being the one fisted (either by her or my Master) and being the one doing the fisting in equal measure after she left and I was startled to see in my diary that it was exactly a year since I’d taken my Master’s fist for the first time.

Actually I’d managed to take his fist three times in one evening as once I managed it I never wanted to stop. I’d almost given up being able to take his fist when a few weeks earlier I just hadn’t been able to get past his knuckles and actually ended up bruised from trying.

But on this evening, convinced it wouldn’t happen now, he calmly guided my hand down between my legs and I grasped his wrist just as he clenched his fist and I realised I most definitely had managed to take it almost without noticing.

I can’t believe how much a part of my life fisting has become in that year and how much more I can still keep trying…


Fist Practice

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