Innocent Times

You know you have a very very good friend in your life when you can joke with each other about your love of fisting without either being shocked or startled.

My closest male friend happens to be a gay man with a taste for anal fisting and we generally end up discussing everything in our lives so he finds my new fascination with vaginal fisting quite hilarious.

I woke up to this photo from him this week to celebrate Folsom Street Fair and now we might be the only two people finding American politics even remotely funny at the moment.

folsom-postI’d only just stopped laughing at that and discussing his plans to attend Folsom Street Fair next year when he sent me over the edge with another photo featuring the fantastically named character from Eighties cartoon phenomenon He-Man.

fistoI was always more a She-Ra kind of girl because I loved her boots, but both cartoons passed me by somewhat thanks to He-Man’s atrocious hair which looked like it was cut with a special bowl up at Castle Grayskull.

But I’m tempted to check out old clips on You Tube now to see if both shows have some kink undertones I wouldn’t have spotted as a kid but that might have shaped me subliminally anyway.

As well as laughing at the photo of the fantastically named Fisto, my friend and I started discussing where one’s kinks come from. Is it that you are wired to be kinky and exposure to certain things creates specific kinks you identify and hone over the years or are you already attracted to certain things and seek them out?

I hadn’t thought about it for years but before my parents moved house to a ‘nicer’ area, I loved playing games with the kids in our terrace that always involved being told what to do by someone more domineering and occasionally involved being tied up and made to kneel in complete silence waiting to be told what to do.

I don’t remember anything sexual per se in the scenario but I do remember absolutely loving that game more than anything else I played with other kids. The boys would be in charge and the other girls would complain and fidget and whisper as they knelt. I got a warm calm feeling while kneeling and could do it for ages without moving or growing bored and was always disappointed when the game ended.

I never associated it with kinkiness until now as I’m still self contained and silent in many settings, but I’m amazed by how strongly I can remember the feelings and sensations of that memory over 30 years later.

I’m intrigued to start digging a bit deeper into seeing where all the clues to my love of submission are and seeing them in new light now. I’m even more intrigued as to where other people’s kinks might have developed from though…


Innocent Times

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