Princess and I had planned to have dinner ready to serve for my Master the other night but it took me longer to recover from the Doxy than I planned and we were twenty five minutes behind schedule.

I think he might actually have been disappointed if we’d served him dinner so promptly considering how quickly he took the chance to use the wait in more interesting ways. Almost straightaway he had me on the sofa with Princess licking my clit as he kissed me.

Definitely a fun way to wait for dinner to cook. But he had much more in mind. Because I’d defied an order last week I had had to order a punishment in the shape of a riding crop and he offered us a little extra in the shape of a game to play with it.

If I could manage to hold off coming for five minutes while Princess went down on me, then she got to be spanked with the crop first. If I couldn’t control myself, then my ass felt the leather first.

My Master has done a lot of training me to delay and control my orgasm over our relationship so I was quite sure I could hold back despite knowing Princess has excellent skills with her tongue that I’ve enjoyed many times.

I hadn’t counted on my Master kissing me intensely while she licked my clit though. The way he kisses goes straight to my cunt. As does the sight of Princess’s lovely face pressed against me enjoying herself so much. I lasted exactly three minutes and came hard enough that I didn’t know whether to thank my Master or apologise.

His reply was to make Princess and I change places so I was face first in her cunt with my ass in the air so he could spank me until I made her come. I was quite nervous about how much the crop might hurt so I wasn’t sure if it would be several minutes of bliss or torture.

It was quite definitely the former. My Master used the crop in a variety of ways to move from light taps to stinging spanks and I loved them all. And clearly Princess did too as at once point she pulled away from me and begged my Master to spank her instead.

Her brattiness got her nowhere except back on the sofa with her cunt licked harder and two fingers inside her to push her closer to an orgasm while my ass reddened nicely under the crop. A third finger got her there nicely almost exactly as the oven timer went off.

Since both of us are rather well trained we both thanked my Master and went towards the kitchen, but he caught me and ran his hand over my cunt to see how wet the spanking had made me.

Kissing me hard and using his fingers just on my clit, I was so wet I came standing on my tiptoes struggling to stay upright with the surprisingly quick and strong orgasm he gave me. If he hadn’t been holding me up with his mouth and hand I think I’d have actually swooned to the floor.

Knowing Princess was watching while her husband made me come was incredibly hot. Discovering that she’d put dinner on the table by the time I’d got my balance back was even better…


In Order

I was stuck in the house yesterday waiting for a delivery. Not even I expect a porn scenario from that situation so I invited Princess to come round and keep me company instead.

I could either spend the day fucking her senseless with the strap on if my delivery arrived early or teach her how to cook dinner for my Master if we had to wait around.

Luckily timings meant I got to do both. Dinner bubbling on the stove, delivery installed and the minute I had the house back to just us, Princess naked on my bed and me slipping into the strap on harness over her.

I flipped her round though so she could sit on top of me and get fucked hard and deep. I also thought it might save me some strain since I’m still not used to the energy and effort the strap on takes.

But frankly, seeing her sitting astride me bouncing up and down on my cock, tits jiggling in rhythm, was so incredibly hot I couldn’t have lain still if I’d tried. All I wanted to do was fuck her as hard as I could until she came, enjoying the feel of her body pressing the cock onto me in good places.

My legs were starting to go a little bit just as she started gasping not to stop so I allowed her to press the Doxy against her clit to buy me a little recovery time. But judging by how hard she was grinding against the base of my cock taking every inch of it and wanting more, it was getting fucked that tipped her over the edge into an excellent orgasm.

It wasn’t quite as impressive as the first time she used the Doxy or when my Master fucks her like that but it was so hot for me that it went straight to my cunt and left me soaking wet and so ready for her fist.

She slipped each finger into me until my cunt was desperate for her whole fist and I pressed the Doxy against my clit getting used to how much bigger and deeper the vibrations are. It feels very different against my piercing so I needed a minute or two to hit my stride.

And when I did with her fist inside me and the toy against me, it was an extraordinary orgasm. Extremely intense and much much longer in duration than normal, it felt like I could stay like that forever. Then there was another feeling of something either squirting or ejaculating and just as the orgasm became almost unbearable, I stopped coming.

It took quite a while to recover enough to get up and make sure my Master’s dinner was ready and more to the point, that I was ready for my punishment for taking five days to fulfil that order…


In Order

Rule Breaking

I broke an order last week from my Master when I was playing with Princess. I’m blaming the power of the Doxy because I so rarely defy him that it surprises me when I do. Rules get me wet after all.

So when I saw Princess earlier today for a rather mundane domestic reason, I was determined not to break those rules further no matter how cute she looked in her shorts. Until I make her come with the strap on, I don’t get to come, especially since I’m already awaiting a punishment for my first infringement.

It took a lot of willpower but I didn’t give into temptation and sent Princess on her way looking slightly frustrated to say the least. I was intrigued to see a message a few hours later from my Master asking her to tell me what she’d got up to this afternoon.

Turned out she’d gone home thinking about the fact she knew I wasn’t wearing under my dress earlier when I’d seen her and decided if she couldn’t have me in real life, she’d enjoy the online one instead.

Next thing she was slipping three fingers into her wet cunt to the sight of me stretching myself wide with four candles inside the pighole on Clips 4 Sale. With the wand on her clit, she made herself come and simply got herself ready for when my Master got home ready to fuck her with the pighole.

I still can’t remember if I gave her permission to come but it’s made me even more determined to use that strap on tomorrow so I can finally come myself. Imagining both Princess and my Master coming has me squirming in anticipation…


Rule Breaking

Wake Up Call

I am not a morning person. In fact I need a Powerpoint presentation and a five part questionnaire to emphasise to you just how little of a morning person I am. I hate being woken up to the point I once locked my flatmates out of the house for doing just that.

Yet strangely one of my favourite things is waking up early to messages from my Master even if his idea of morning is the middle of the bloody night to me. I love that sense of horniness first thing and my schedule meeting his that way often allows me to have an orgasm and go back to sleep.

So I was disappointed yesterday to find that I’d slept through a message from him, especially since it was actually quite a civilised hour. He’d read the blog post about me making Princess come with the Doxy and it had made him hard.

The thought of him lying there beside Princess as she slept, reading the description of us in bed together and getting increasingly harder as he did made my breath catch in how much it turned me on.

I love the way the relationship between my Master and Princess and me has developed and wouldn’t change it back for anything, but I have always enjoyed seemingly illicit sexual experiences. Something about the secretive style of sexual encounters has always turned me on in the way that reaches your core as well as your cunt.

Something about the idea of him texting me on the shared Whatsapp group that she could read if she was awake but also doing it when she was asleep appealed immensely. The perfect mix of honesty and secrecy for me.

It was a shame I slept through the chance to see it go further but it’s a win win for my Master. Even if he can’t play with me, he could wake Princess up and play with her instead. Actually it’s a win win for me too because the idea of him doing that makes me wet instantly…

Wake Up Call

New Toy

It was sort of inevitable really. I wore my wand out. My Master tried to turn it on the other night to use it doubled up on Princess, one on her clit and one in her cunt, and it did nothing. He obviously managed to adapt to the situation as he’d brought hers anyway.

Afterwards I was left trying to coax it back to life with no success. So I did what any self respecting slut does when her orgasms look threatened: I bought a new wand immediately.

But this one is a Doxy wand. Bigger and at least twice as powerful as my Lovehoney one, it is the sex toy a friend texted me about recently and said that the first time she used it she came so hard she squirted having thought she couldn’t and made such a loud noise her partner thought she’d injured herself. I was sold.

A little careful shopping online meant I got one for the same price as my less powerful Lovehoney version with free 48 hour shipping. It’s a beauty. Much heavier and sleeker with a much larger head in a softer padded feel that I’m unlikely to damage with my piercing like I did with the old one.

I thought I’d try a little foreplay with it with Princess by putting it between the two of use as we kissed to get both of us well warmed up for me to fuck her again with the strap on. A good way to test how much more power it had without coming and breaking my Master’s rules.

I started it on the lowest speed and the vibrations are amazing. A very deep rumbling almost like a purr. My clit was lapping it up immediately and I loved the buttons instead of a dial to take it up a speed with one hand without losing concentration.

The second speed was so strong I actually had to pull away from it but Princess was like a woman possessed. She had it pressed firmly to her clit and was begging me to put my whole hand inside her. I’ve never felt her so wet in fact.

My whole hand slipped into her with ease as she kept turning the speed up and bucking her hips as I fucked her and she fucked the Doxy. Her back arched so high she really only had her heels still on the bed and she was thrashing around so much I was actually starting to worry she might hurt herself in some way.

There was a deep almost guttural noise from her, louder and more emphatic than any noise I’ve ever her make even when my Master fucked her with the pighole for the first time. And then she came so hard just watching it took my breath away, ejaculating all over my hand inside her.

She was shaking and dazed afterwards, almost like she’d been possessed. I think she’d have collapsed if I’d tried to fuck her. I felt guilty about not following my Master’s orders but so impressed by the Doxy, I thought he might not mind too much.

But judging by the punishment he ordered me to buy, even almost breaking his wife isn’t a good reason to defy him. Oh and I still have to wait for my chance to use my new toy on myself…

New Toy

New Skills

I instantly loved wearing the strap on my Master put onto me. The tightness of the straps along with the very tight corset feel incredible and it turns out having a cock in front of you is intoxicating.

Princess was still blindfolded and not entirely sure what was happening but as I leaned over her, my Master took it off so she could see the size of cock she about to take her gaping cunt.

It turns out that fucking someone rather than being fucked takes a little bit of adjustment and I struggled to get the right angle into her. My Master kindly volunteered to give me a demonstration of how to fuck his wife hard and deep to help me out.

And then I was lying on top of her and my new cock was sliding into her and she was loving it and pulling me in deeper as she fucked me back. My Master was lying beside her kissing her as his cock got harder and harder as he watched us fuck.

I had new found respect for what hard work it is to be the one who fucks someone. It might be very slightly easier if you can feel what you are doing but either way it takes a lot more effort than I’d realised. Now I know why men appreciate a slutty girl who doesn’t just let herself be passively fucked but actively participates.

I didn’t object though when Princess went on top of me lifting her skirt up so I could see her riding my cock hard on top of me. The pressure on her against me was making me extremely close to coming and seeing her getting fucked was one of the hottest things I’d ever seen.

But my Master is a man of many surprises and he had something even hotter planned. He bent Princess ass up in the air still on my cock and fucked her with his at the same time. The girl who has only ever been fucked by her husband until now was taking two cocks at once and begging for more.

I was incredibly turned on and slightly jealous as I haven’t managed that myself yet. But the idea that my Master shares Princess so equally with me like that is even better than just being filled up with cock until I can barely speak.

My Master and I then switched places with her on top of him and me fucking her ass as he came incredibly hard into her stretched cunt. Watching his cock slide in and out her in rhythm to mine made me forget I hadn’t quite come with the strap on because it was even more intense.

I very much enjoyed lying between them both afterwards, literally fucked out but with my new cock still between my legs as we all recovered. On his orders I don’t get to come again until I’ve made Princess come with the strap on and I’m so keen I’d probably have tried again the same night if she could have taken it…

New Skills