Feeling Hot

Yesterday was the last really hot summer day in London and I was a little bit hungover from being in the pub the previous night with my Master and Princess. Heat and hangover made me lazy enough to lie in bed all day and too lazy to try my my Master’s two dildo challenge again.

But I did thoroughly enjoy lying in bed catching up on sex blogs and thinking back to the previous night when at one point I looked round and both my Master and Princess were watching my tits jiggle as I laughed at something.

I knew my Master liked my outfit a lot and it took it from cute that he did to to hot that it was Princess who had encouraged me to bare my legs this summer for the first time. She was the reason my legs were out and he was the reason my waist looked so small and tight above them.

I loved showing my new body off, especially in front of someone who has no idea of my relationship with either of them. I particularly enjoyed the realisation that my Master has done the hard work changing my body and Princess has been his cheerleader to get me to start showing it off. It’s ideal that they work together on me.

But it’s given me an urge to return the favour to Princess now…

Feeling Hot


My Master had set me quite a challenge the other night with the task to take the John Holmes toy and the smaller strap on cock at the same time. Unsurprisingly I struggled and didn’t manage to do it first time.

I was looking forward to trying again last night because I love those progressive tasks he sets me. They start off almost terrifyingly impossible and then just about manageable. Next thing I can do it if I try really really hard and then suddenly it seems so natural and easy, I can’t remember how I couldn’t do it.

I always think back to the biggest butt plug I have. I’ve never managed to take it in my ass and my Master once spent two hours by phone when I believe he was meant to be at work instructing me how to try to no avail. He then got me to wash it and try putting it in my cunt next.

Another hour of effort on my part still got me not much further than halfway and he had to come round in person to finish the task before fucking me as reward. Yet the other week, he slipped that plug into my pussy while I was wearing the strap on and I didn’t notice it was there.

But last night, my cunt felt every centimetre of any of the three dildos I used. Big one, middling sized one and tiny skinny one, they all felt uncomfortable enough for my cunt to rebel and ache.

I messaged my Master to tell him I was struggling and was amazed when his almost flippant answer was ‘poor Candi, another night without an orgasm’. I’d expected much more of an order from him.

And then he told me to spread my legs and hold my palm against my cunt and tell him how it felt. Instantly I was wet and ready for him. I also noticed how much my cunt had changed since the first time he told me to do that for him. So much more open and stretched and better feeling.

He told me to take the small strap on cock and rub it against my pierced clit and slide it up and down my cunt for him, asking did my cunt want to feel it? From barely functioning a few minutes earlier for me, my cunt was practically sitting up and begging for his orders and the cock.

Generously he allowed me to fuck myself with it hard and fast until I came and it felt fantastic especially as it was such an unexpected treat of an orgasm. He reminded me afterwards that it wasn’t just an orgasm. It was a reminder of who owns my body and how he can make it respond any time.

Then he ordered to me tell Princess who had been reading our conversation to suck his cock so she wouldn’t feel left out…



Rinse and Repeat


I was playing with Princess the other day and had a slightly alarming experience when I struggled to take her clenched fist. I’m not competitive about her being more stretched than me but I did worry that I was tightening up generally.

I texted my Master and told him my concerns and asked if he had any orders that would help stretch me out again. You won’t be surprised to hear that he did and almost immediately no less.

He told me that since Princess had come so hard recently around two cocks, I would do the same. I was to take the cock off the harness and find another one roughly the same size from my collection and send a video of myself sliding both in and out of my cunt. And then I would be allowed to come but without touching my clit.

I loved the idea of doing this knowing my Master was driving and Princess was relaying my progress to him while she sat getting hornier and hornier in the car beside him. It’s the right combination of sharing and having an audience.

I started with the strap on cock, sliding it in and out of my cunt as deeply as possible. I did feel quite tight and I told my Master and Princess I would have to work up to the second cock slowly.

But somehow it was only a minute or so before I had both cocks buried in my cunt, fucking myself with the two and barely any more time than that before I came without a hand anywhere near my clit. I hadn’t realised just how horny I was clearly.


My Master asked if his slut wanted more and when I hesitated, reminded me to be careful what I wished for. He then got Princess to deliver his instruction that I was to ride the John Holmes cock and see how much I could take, but not to come.

Sitting astride that glorious big cock, it seemed a little bit too easy by my Master’s usual standards. All the same I wasn’t expecting the order I got next. When I could send a photo of the strap on cock and the John Holmes both splitting me open at once, I could come using the Doxy if I wanted.

I am the kind of slut who takes her orders obediently but that one actually made me swear out loud in shock. I picked the two up and struggled to hold them together in one hand, let alone get them in my cunt.

And struggle was quite the word there too. I just got the very tip of the strap on in before my Master suggested trying the smaller dildo I’d been using earlier. I still couldn’t manage it and had to admit to defeat.

Luckily my Master really enjoys giving me a challenge to work on over a few days and so told me to try again tomorrow with the same criteria. Stupidly when I was washing the toys, I measured them to see just how big they really are together.

No wonder I’ll need to work up to 11.5 inches in me at once and why my cunt feels ruined right now…



Rinse and Repeat


When I was a child, I was a proper little pony girl. All my spare time and cash went on horses. I spent all day at the weekend working in a stables in return for riding lessons and just to spend time with horses and ponies.

Then I turned fourteen and my hormones kicked in. I abandoned horses for lusting after boys and strangely took nothing of the stable yard with me. Until this week I’ve never gone near a riding crop or leather in a sexual sense.

Horses were clearly my first love though because even now I remember the names of the animals I rode and cared for better than the first few men I fucked. My switch between the two was dramatic and I went head over heels for sex instead of maintaining a link between both worlds.

This probably accounts for why I’ve never read a single Jilly Cooper novel since the horsey world was about actual hay bales and horsemanship for me and I could never see the sexiness in it other people did.

But what is a bit weird is that I never read any of the books other people learned about sex from. I predate the internet and its wealth of erotica and I always hated the sense that the quivering maidens in Mills and Boon said no when the handsome brute wanted to ravage them.

I didn’t want to say no or play hard to get and even though I didn’t have the words for it back then I wanted to willingly submit. But all the erotic stuff aimed at women seemed too timid for me and too likely to give the idea that nice girls don’t and if they forget themselves in the heat of the moment, they didn’t really mean to.

I always thought I just wasn’t interested in mass market erotic fiction but turns out out even as a teenager, vanilla didn’t hit the spot for me. Maybe I should have brought that six foot dressage whip with me to my new world after all.

So while my peers were reading about Lucky Santangelo and Rupert Campbell Black and probably masturbating every five seconds to learn about sex, I skipped the lessons and went straight to the practical and learned to fuck with a succession of probably ill chosen but attractive men.

I’m still shaken and definitely not stirred by my Master’s order last year to read all three volumes of Fifty Shades of Grey. It mainly confirmed my need for the non vanilla but since it’s a Saturday night and I’ve nothing else planned, I might download Riders and see if my teenage self missed much out…


Call Me Candi

As I mentioned the other day, Candi isn’t my legal name, but it is the very sense of the expression, a given name. My Master actually gifted me the name in one of the very first acts of our relationship, but it didn’t stick until a full year on.

I’ve so enjoyed fitting into my new identity this year that I hadn’t really stopped to think about what a name means until I was reading this piece on sex bloggers’ pseudonyms by Hey Epiphora last night and it resonated with me enormously.

I’ve never been terribly attached to names. I don’t use either of the ones my parents gave me, preferring one I chose myself in childhood. I have a professional name unrelated to it any way and when I was escorting, I had a name only I and my clients knew. In the one office job I’ve ever had the receptionist called me the wrong name for a full year and I neither cared nor corrected her much to everyone’s confusion.

It took me a while to get to know who was Candi was and grow into the name. I always liked that my Master had an image in mind for her and I revelled in meeting it as each clue and command came my way. But it’s taken me time to know how Candi reacts to those orders and create an identity behind the name. I’ve never asked where the name came from so as not to prejudice it either.

But I realised reading that piece last night that I earned my new name. It’s a gift from my Master offered to me from him that he chose to share with his wife. None of my friends know about her and very very few people get to meet her. There’s a certain intimacy in the name and the identity in fact.

Turns out I can get attached to names after all…

Call Me Candi


It would have looked a lot more innocent that my Master, Princess and I were eating dinner together if I wasn’t in a corset with an ass as red from the riding crop as the satin and Princess wasn’t just in her panties.

As soon as we’d finished the food, my Master told me to take Princess into my bedroom, strip her naked and tie her face down to the bed blindfolded. She only squirmed a little as I bound her hands and lay surprisingly still for someone who struggles with delayed gratification.

My Master managed to creep up on both of us holding the riding crop and he spanked her beautiful bare ass with it until she squirmed much more in pleasure. Then he moved in front of her and gave me the crop.

He didn’t actually tell me to spank her or how to spank her and I didn’t want to ask since he seemed to be silent for a reason. Plus I was taking it that an order is still an order even if it’s implied and I slapped her ass as he pushed his cock into her mouth as it opened in surprise.

It was incredibly hot to keep spanking her ass and flicking the crop against her cunt as my Master fucked her throat. Having seen how red my skin got it was tempting to try and mark hers as much but I didn’t want to distract her too much with my Master’s cock in her mouth.

He stopped and reached down to her cunt and mine at the same time to see which of us was wetter: the one being spanked or the one doing the spanking. Frankly it was hard to tell. Hearing my hand or a toy slap against Princess’s ass is one of my favourite things in the world and never fails to get me wet.

Her cunt was so wet from the crop and the cock in her mouth that when he ordered her to put her ass in the air and me to slip my fist inside her, it barely took any effort on my part. Her soaking cunt just sucked my hand inside and begged to be filled up and stretched until she came incredibly hard.

The next step had to be my Master feeling that stretched fisted cunt with his cock and he made us lie so that we could lick each other’s clits as he fucked Princess. It’s an excellent angle to see him fuck her hard and deep and depending on the angle, my tongue brushes over her clit or his balls which is delicious for me either way.

But not quite as delicious as getting to lick his come straight out of her hot well fucked cunt, letting it run down my tongue and face onto my chest. Definitely my kind of afters…