It’s been a hectically busy week here. So busy that for once I haven’t had time to blog and even stranger, haven’t had time for orgasms either.

I was quietly lying in bed this morning when my Master told me to lick and suck my finger and slip it into my cunt like a ‘normal girl’ and tell him how it felt.

My wet finger slipped inside me so easily I almost didn’t feel it and my cunt barely reacted like one finger isn’t worth waking up for (unless it also involves Princess licking my clit.)

I told my Master this and he told me to lick and suck all four fingers and slip those inside instead. And my cunt came to life instantly. It opened right up and swallowed my fingers greedily asking for more so that my thumb slipped inside too.

I told my Master almost apologetically about not being able to stop myself with the extra finger and he simply laughed and said ‘of course you couldn’t, slut’ and told me to make myself come that way.

I am very out of practice at making myself come with my fingers having mainly had my hand inside Princess recently, but a combination of stretching myself open, picturing my Master seeing the photos I was sending and his order to imagine Princess’s tongue on me meant I didn’t need much effort to work out what I needed to do.

He immediately asked me if I wanted more and for some reason my mind and body dithered while my cunt twitched and said yes. I finally listened to it and said yes to him which meant slipping the John Holmes toy into me.

I was tighter than I expected after all my fingers and an orgasm and the toy didn’t slip in as easily I expected. My Master patiently told me to keep practising with my fingers and to press the Doxy against my clit.

My cunt couldn’t get enough of that and I was squirming against my hand and the toy in no time, but I still couldn’t take the John Holmes toy at all to my surprise.

I think I know what I’ll be doing all weekend if I’m to reach his stretching standards of not being able to tell if I’ve got a cock inside me or not…



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