I thoroughly enjoyed warming Princess up with two birthday orgasms before my Master joined us. Without thinking I hadn’t even slipped a finger inside her when I was licking her cunt so the first thing inside on her all day was my Master’s cock.

He pulled her down onto him astride him and commented that her cunt felt surprisingly tight. I was watching them fuck when he told me to stand behind her and use the riding crop on her ass.

Even a light tap made her slide further down on his cock as her cunt just opened up but of course I couldn’t resist spanking her harder so that she writhed and begged for both more cock and more pressure on her ass at the same time.

Each thwack left a beautiful red mark and I could hear how much wetter and more open she was getting as I spanked and my Master fucked her deeper and harder in tandem. By the end I was spanking her so hard my hand was getting tired gripping the crop but it was too good watching her ass twitch it in rhythm to my Master’s cock that I didn’t want to stop.

But I had to when she came hard round his cock and and could hardly move for a minute, face down on his chest, ass glowing up in the air. She looked excellent like that so I was surprised when my Master lifted her up off him and left the room, leaving her propped against the headboard.

He reappeared a few minutes later with a bottle of champagne and glasses and after pouring us each a drink, ordered Princess to spread her legs and for me to start licking her cunt again while she toasted her orgasms with the champagne.

I went very gently to begin with but her aching cunt seemed to respond very nicely to the taste of champagne on my tongue and it didn’t take long for her to reach her fourth orgasm in 30 minutes while celebrating her birthday in style…


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