Breaking In Gently

Princess asked for ten orgasms for her birthday yesterday and my Master generously offered to let me start her off with the first two before he got home.

We were slightly delayed because I had bought Princess her first ever suspender belt and was teaching her how to put stockings on. She looked incredible and I couldn’t resist licking her cunt as a way to admire her new look.

It seemed a good way to warm her up with a gentle but effective orgasm and she seemed to enjoy it considering how quickly she came.

I followed my Master’s orders with a second orgasm as we rubbed our cunts together with me lying on top of her. Which is what we were doing when my Master arrived home and suggested the only thing better would be if we put the Doxy between us as we rubbed together.

The toy is so powerful it works very well that way as you don’t need it directly on both our clits to make you come and it didn’t take long before Princess was coming again writhing against it.

The feel and sound of her coming made me come even though I wasn’t pressed up against the Doxy the same way as her. Perfect timing to hand over to my Master for the next eight orgasms…

Breaking In Gently

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