Hangover Fun

I only really have three fundamental settings: eat, sleep, sex. My life revolves round those three interests with varying levels human interaction often involving conversation and alcohol.

But strangely the only time I don’t want to be sexual is when I have a hangover. I’ve never understood that phenomenon of ‘hangover horn’. I just want to sleep and eat potato based foods instead of have orgasms.

So it was lucky on Sunday that it was my Master with the hangover and that he doesn’t share my interest in crisps and a duvet after a night out. Instead I’m not sure anything would have stopped him from fucking.

I should have known he was planning something extravagant when he ate lunch quicker than normal and then announced he had errands to do but expected to arrive at my house to find Princess tied to the bed gagged and blindfolded with my face in her cunt when he was finished.

He was a little bit quicker than usual on his shopping too and I hadn’t quite finished making sure Princess couldn’t wriggle free when he arrived. He didn’t comment except to press my face into her cunt so that my ass was up in the air and my tongue extremely busy.

And then he spanked my ass hard with that new riding crop. He gently drew the fob over my back and bare ass and smooth cunt and made me squirm before whipping me harder than I’ve ever taken before.

I could feel my cunt absolutely gushing with each slap and smack and Princess’s was twitching under my tongue as I made her come. It took longer than usual because I was struggling to cope with the stinging pain of the spanking and kept stopping to gasp and yelp.

But just as she came, he pulled my legs apart and fucked me as I tried to keep licking her swollen clit. Between how hard he was fucking me and how hard he was spanking me at the same time I could hardly do anything except bury my face in her, trying to concentrate on her clit and listen to the noises coming out of me as I repeatedly came around my Master’s cock.

Princess did get a second orgasm from my thumb and fingers as my Master slapped sounds out of my usually completely silent self with the crop until I couldn’t take much more. I literally couldn’t get up off my knees when he’d finished with me to see how red my ass was.

I might have to ask him to photograph it next time. Because there will have to be a next time. Hangovers seem to bring out his sadistic streak and I liked it more than I expected…


Hangover Fun

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