Feeling Hot

Yesterday was the last really hot summer day in London and I was a little bit hungover from being in the pub the previous night with my Master and Princess. Heat and hangover made me lazy enough to lie in bed all day and too lazy to try my my Master’s two dildo challenge again.

But I did thoroughly enjoy lying in bed catching up on sex blogs and thinking back to the previous night when at one point I looked round and both my Master and Princess were watching my tits jiggle as I laughed at something.

I knew my Master liked my outfit a lot and it took it from cute that he did to to hot that it was Princess who had encouraged me to bare my legs this summer for the first time. She was the reason my legs were out and he was the reason my waist looked so small and tight above them.

I loved showing my new body off, especially in front of someone who has no idea of my relationship with either of them. I particularly enjoyed the realisation that my Master has done the hard work changing my body and Princess has been his cheerleader to get me to start showing it off. It’s ideal that they work together on me.

But it’s given me an urge to return the favour to Princess now…

Feeling Hot

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