My Master had set me quite a challenge the other night with the task to take the John Holmes toy and the smaller strap on cock at the same time. Unsurprisingly I struggled and didn’t manage to do it first time.

I was looking forward to trying again last night because I love those progressive tasks he sets me. They start off almost terrifyingly impossible and then just about manageable. Next thing I can do it if I try really really hard and then suddenly it seems so natural and easy, I can’t remember how I couldn’t do it.

I always think back to the biggest butt plug I have. I’ve never managed to take it in my ass and my Master once spent two hours by phone when I believe he was meant to be at work instructing me how to try to no avail. He then got me to wash it and try putting it in my cunt next.

Another hour of effort on my part still got me not much further than halfway and he had to come round in person to finish the task before fucking me as reward. Yet the other week, he slipped that plug into my pussy while I was wearing the strap on and I didn’t notice it was there.

But last night, my cunt felt every centimetre of any of the three dildos I used. Big one, middling sized one and tiny skinny one, they all felt uncomfortable enough for my cunt to rebel and ache.

I messaged my Master to tell him I was struggling and was amazed when his almost flippant answer was ‘poor Candi, another night without an orgasm’. I’d expected much more of an order from him.

And then he told me to spread my legs and hold my palm against my cunt and tell him how it felt. Instantly I was wet and ready for him. I also noticed how much my cunt had changed since the first time he told me to do that for him. So much more open and stretched and better feeling.

He told me to take the small strap on cock and rub it against my pierced clit and slide it up and down my cunt for him, asking did my cunt want to feel it? From barely functioning a few minutes earlier for me, my cunt was practically sitting up and begging for his orders and the cock.

Generously he allowed me to fuck myself with it hard and fast until I came and it felt fantastic especially as it was such an unexpected treat of an orgasm. He reminded me afterwards that it wasn’t just an orgasm. It was a reminder of who owns my body and how he can make it respond any time.

Then he ordered to me tell Princess who had been reading our conversation to suck his cock so she wouldn’t feel left out…



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