Rinse and Repeat


I was playing with Princess the other day and had a slightly alarming experience when I struggled to take her clenched fist. I’m not competitive about her being more stretched than me but I did worry that I was tightening up generally.

I texted my Master and told him my concerns and asked if he had any orders that would help stretch me out again. You won’t be surprised to hear that he did and almost immediately no less.

He told me that since Princess had come so hard recently around two cocks, I would do the same. I was to take the cock off the harness and find another one roughly the same size from my collection and send a video of myself sliding both in and out of my cunt. And then I would be allowed to come but without touching my clit.

I loved the idea of doing this knowing my Master was driving and Princess was relaying my progress to him while she sat getting hornier and hornier in the car beside him. It’s the right combination of sharing and having an audience.

I started with the strap on cock, sliding it in and out of my cunt as deeply as possible. I did feel quite tight and I told my Master and Princess I would have to work up to the second cock slowly.

But somehow it was only a minute or so before I had both cocks buried in my cunt, fucking myself with the two and barely any more time than that before I came without a hand anywhere near my clit. I hadn’t realised just how horny I was clearly.


My Master asked if his slut wanted more and when I hesitated, reminded me to be careful what I wished for. He then got Princess to deliver his instruction that I was to ride the John Holmes cock and see how much I could take, but not to come.

Sitting astride that glorious big cock, it seemed a little bit too easy by my Master’s usual standards. All the same I wasn’t expecting the order I got next. When I could send a photo of the strap on cock and the John Holmes both splitting me open at once, I could come using the Doxy if I wanted.

I am the kind of slut who takes her orders obediently but that one actually made me swear out loud in shock. I picked the two up and struggled to hold them together in one hand, let alone get them in my cunt.

And struggle was quite the word there too. I just got the very tip of the strap on in before my Master suggested trying the smaller dildo I’d been using earlier. I still couldn’t manage it and had to admit to defeat.

Luckily my Master really enjoys giving me a challenge to work on over a few days and so told me to try again tomorrow with the same criteria. Stupidly when I was washing the toys, I measured them to see just how big they really are together.

No wonder I’ll need to work up to 11.5 inches in me at once and why my cunt feels ruined right now…



Rinse and Repeat

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