It would have looked a lot more innocent that my Master, Princess and I were eating dinner together if I wasn’t in a corset with an ass as red from the riding crop as the satin and Princess wasn’t just in her panties.

As soon as we’d finished the food, my Master told me to take Princess into my bedroom, strip her naked and tie her face down to the bed blindfolded. She only squirmed a little as I bound her hands and lay surprisingly still for someone who struggles with delayed gratification.

My Master managed to creep up on both of us holding the riding crop and he spanked her beautiful bare ass with it until she squirmed much more in pleasure. Then he moved in front of her and gave me the crop.

He didn’t actually tell me to spank her or how to spank her and I didn’t want to ask since he seemed to be silent for a reason. Plus I was taking it that an order is still an order even if it’s implied and I slapped her ass as he pushed his cock into her mouth as it opened in surprise.

It was incredibly hot to keep spanking her ass and flicking the crop against her cunt as my Master fucked her throat. Having seen how red my skin got it was tempting to try and mark hers as much but I didn’t want to distract her too much with my Master’s cock in her mouth.

He stopped and reached down to her cunt and mine at the same time to see which of us was wetter: the one being spanked or the one doing the spanking. Frankly it was hard to tell. Hearing my hand or a toy slap against Princess’s ass is one of my favourite things in the world and never fails to get me wet.

Her cunt was so wet from the crop and the cock in her mouth that when he ordered her to put her ass in the air and me to slip my fist inside her, it barely took any effort on my part. Her soaking cunt just sucked my hand inside and begged to be filled up and stretched until she came incredibly hard.

The next step had to be my Master feeling that stretched fisted cunt with his cock and he made us lie so that we could lick each other’s clits as he fucked Princess. It’s an excellent angle to see him fuck her hard and deep and depending on the angle, my tongue brushes over her clit or his balls which is delicious for me either way.

But not quite as delicious as getting to lick his come straight out of her hot well fucked cunt, letting it run down my tongue and face onto my chest. Definitely my kind of afters…



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