In Order

I was stuck in the house yesterday waiting for a delivery. Not even I expect a porn scenario from that situation so I invited Princess to come round and keep me company instead.

I could either spend the day fucking her senseless with the strap on if my delivery arrived early or teach her how to cook dinner for my Master if we had to wait around.

Luckily timings meant I got to do both. Dinner bubbling on the stove, delivery installed and the minute I had the house back to just us, Princess naked on my bed and me slipping into the strap on harness over her.

I flipped her round though so she could sit on top of me and get fucked hard and deep. I also thought it might save me some strain since I’m still not used to the energy and effort the strap on takes.

But frankly, seeing her sitting astride me bouncing up and down on my cock, tits jiggling in rhythm, was so incredibly hot I couldn’t have lain still if I’d tried. All I wanted to do was fuck her as hard as I could until she came, enjoying the feel of her body pressing the cock onto me in good places.

My legs were starting to go a little bit just as she started gasping not to stop so I allowed her to press the Doxy against her clit to buy me a little recovery time. But judging by how hard she was grinding against the base of my cock taking every inch of it and wanting more, it was getting fucked that tipped her over the edge into an excellent orgasm.

It wasn’t quite as impressive as the first time she used the Doxy or when my Master fucks her like that but it was so hot for me that it went straight to my cunt and left me soaking wet and so ready for her fist.

She slipped each finger into me until my cunt was desperate for her whole fist and I pressed the Doxy against my clit getting used to how much bigger and deeper the vibrations are. It feels very different against my piercing so I needed a minute or two to hit my stride.

And when I did with her fist inside me and the toy against me, it was an extraordinary orgasm. Extremely intense and much much longer in duration than normal, it felt like I could stay like that forever. Then there was another feeling of something either squirting or ejaculating and just as the orgasm became almost unbearable, I stopped coming.

It took quite a while to recover enough to get up and make sure my Master’s dinner was ready and more to the point, that I was ready for my punishment for taking five days to fulfil that order…


In Order

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