Rule Breaking

I broke an order last week from my Master when I was playing with Princess. I’m blaming the power of the Doxy because I so rarely defy him that it surprises me when I do. Rules get me wet after all.

So when I saw Princess earlier today for a rather mundane domestic reason, I was determined not to break those rules further no matter how cute she looked in her shorts. Until I make her come with the strap on, I don’t get to come, especially since I’m already awaiting a punishment for my first infringement.

It took a lot of willpower but I didn’t give into temptation and sent Princess on her way looking slightly frustrated to say the least. I was intrigued to see a message a few hours later from my Master asking her to tell me what she’d got up to this afternoon.

Turned out she’d gone home thinking about the fact she knew I wasn’t wearing under my dress earlier when I’d seen her and decided if she couldn’t have me in real life, she’d enjoy the online one instead.

Next thing she was slipping three fingers into her wet cunt to the sight of me stretching myself wide with four candles inside the pighole on Clips 4 Sale. With the wand on her clit, she made herself come and simply got herself ready for when my Master got home ready to fuck her with the pighole.

I still can’t remember if I gave her permission to come but it’s made me even more determined to use that strap on tomorrow so I can finally come myself. Imagining both Princess and my Master coming has me squirming in anticipation…


Rule Breaking

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