Wake Up Call

I am not a morning person. In fact I need a Powerpoint presentation and a five part questionnaire to emphasise to you just how little of a morning person I am. I hate being woken up to the point I once locked my flatmates out of the house for doing just that.

Yet strangely one of my favourite things is waking up early to messages from my Master even if his idea of morning is the middle of the bloody night to me. I love that sense of horniness first thing and my schedule meeting his that way often allows me to have an orgasm and go back to sleep.

So I was disappointed yesterday to find that I’d slept through a message from him, especially since it was actually quite a civilised hour. He’d read the blog post about me making Princess come with the Doxy and it had made him hard.

The thought of him lying there beside Princess as she slept, reading the description of us in bed together and getting increasingly harder as he did made my breath catch in how much it turned me on.

I love the way the relationship between my Master and Princess and me has developed and wouldn’t change it back for anything, but I have always enjoyed seemingly illicit sexual experiences. Something about the secretive style of sexual encounters has always turned me on in the way that reaches your core as well as your cunt.

Something about the idea of him texting me on the shared Whatsapp group that she could read if she was awake but also doing it when she was asleep appealed immensely. The perfect mix of honesty and secrecy for me.

It was a shame I slept through the chance to see it go further but it’s a win win for my Master. Even if he can’t play with me, he could wake Princess up and play with her instead. Actually it’s a win win for me too because the idea of him doing that makes me wet instantly…

Wake Up Call

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