New Toy

It was sort of inevitable really. I wore my wand out. My Master tried to turn it on the other night to use it doubled up on Princess, one on her clit and one in her cunt, and it did nothing. He obviously managed to adapt to the situation as he’d brought hers anyway.

Afterwards I was left trying to coax it back to life with no success. So I did what any self respecting slut does when her orgasms look threatened: I bought a new wand immediately.

But this one is a Doxy wand. Bigger and at least twice as powerful as my Lovehoney one, it is the sex toy a friend texted me about recently and said that the first time she used it she came so hard she squirted having thought she couldn’t and made such a loud noise her partner thought she’d injured herself. I was sold.

A little careful shopping online meant I got one for the same price as my less powerful Lovehoney version with free 48 hour shipping. It’s a beauty. Much heavier and sleeker with a much larger head in a softer padded feel that I’m unlikely to damage with my piercing like I did with the old one.

I thought I’d try a little foreplay with it with Princess by putting it between the two of use as we kissed to get both of us well warmed up for me to fuck her again with the strap on. A good way to test how much more power it had without coming and breaking my Master’s rules.

I started it on the lowest speed and the vibrations are amazing. A very deep rumbling almost like a purr. My clit was lapping it up immediately and I loved the buttons instead of a dial to take it up a speed with one hand without losing concentration.

The second speed was so strong I actually had to pull away from it but Princess was like a woman possessed. She had it pressed firmly to her clit and was begging me to put my whole hand inside her. I’ve never felt her so wet in fact.

My whole hand slipped into her with ease as she kept turning the speed up and bucking her hips as I fucked her and she fucked the Doxy. Her back arched so high she really only had her heels still on the bed and she was thrashing around so much I was actually starting to worry she might hurt herself in some way.

There was a deep almost guttural noise from her, louder and more emphatic than any noise I’ve ever her make even when my Master fucked her with the pighole for the first time. And then she came so hard just watching it took my breath away, ejaculating all over my hand inside her.

She was shaking and dazed afterwards, almost like she’d been possessed. I think she’d have collapsed if I’d tried to fuck her. I felt guilty about not following my Master’s orders but so impressed by the Doxy, I thought he might not mind too much.

But judging by the punishment he ordered me to buy, even almost breaking his wife isn’t a good reason to defy him. Oh and I still have to wait for my chance to use my new toy on myself…

New Toy

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