New Skills

I instantly loved wearing the strap on my Master put onto me. The tightness of the straps along with the very tight corset feel incredible and it turns out having a cock in front of you is intoxicating.

Princess was still blindfolded and not entirely sure what was happening but as I leaned over her, my Master took it off so she could see the size of cock she about to take her gaping cunt.

It turns out that fucking someone rather than being fucked takes a little bit of adjustment and I struggled to get the right angle into her. My Master kindly volunteered to give me a demonstration of how to fuck his wife hard and deep to help me out.

And then I was lying on top of her and my new cock was sliding into her and she was loving it and pulling me in deeper as she fucked me back. My Master was lying beside her kissing her as his cock got harder and harder as he watched us fuck.

I had new found respect for what hard work it is to be the one who fucks someone. It might be very slightly easier if you can feel what you are doing but either way it takes a lot more effort than I’d realised. Now I know why men appreciate a slutty girl who doesn’t just let herself be passively fucked but actively participates.

I didn’t object though when Princess went on top of me lifting her skirt up so I could see her riding my cock hard on top of me. The pressure on her against me was making me extremely close to coming and seeing her getting fucked was one of the hottest things I’d ever seen.

But my Master is a man of many surprises and he had something even hotter planned. He bent Princess ass up in the air still on my cock and fucked her with his at the same time. The girl who has only ever been fucked by her husband until now was taking two cocks at once and begging for more.

I was incredibly turned on and slightly jealous as I haven’t managed that myself yet. But the idea that my Master shares Princess so equally with me like that is even better than just being filled up with cock until I can barely speak.

My Master and I then switched places with her on top of him and me fucking her ass as he came incredibly hard into her stretched cunt. Watching his cock slide in and out her in rhythm to mine made me forget I hadn’t quite come with the strap on because it was even more intense.

I very much enjoyed lying between them both afterwards, literally fucked out but with my new cock still between my legs as we all recovered. On his orders I don’t get to come again until I’ve made Princess come with the strap on and I’m so keen I’d probably have tried again the same night if she could have taken it…

New Skills

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