It’s been a hectically busy week here. So busy that for once I haven’t had time to blog and even stranger, haven’t had time for orgasms either.

I was quietly lying in bed this morning when my Master told me to lick and suck my finger and slip it into my cunt like a ‘normal girl’ and tell him how it felt.

My wet finger slipped inside me so easily I almost didn’t feel it and my cunt barely reacted like one finger isn’t worth waking up for (unless it also involves Princess licking my clit.)

I told my Master this and he told me to lick and suck all four fingers and slip those inside instead. And my cunt came to life instantly. It opened right up and swallowed my fingers greedily asking for more so that my thumb slipped inside too.

I told my Master almost apologetically about not being able to stop myself with the extra finger and he simply laughed and said ‘of course you couldn’t, slut’ and told me to make myself come that way.

I am very out of practice at making myself come with my fingers having mainly had my hand inside Princess recently, but a combination of stretching myself open, picturing my Master seeing the photos I was sending and his order to imagine Princess’s tongue on me meant I didn’t need much effort to work out what I needed to do.

He immediately asked me if I wanted more and for some reason my mind and body dithered while my cunt twitched and said yes. I finally listened to it and said yes to him which meant slipping the John Holmes toy into me.

I was tighter than I expected after all my fingers and an orgasm and the toy didn’t slip in as easily I expected. My Master patiently told me to keep practising with my fingers and to press the Doxy against my clit.

My cunt couldn’t get enough of that and I was squirming against my hand and the toy in no time, but I still couldn’t take the John Holmes toy at all to my surprise.

I think I know what I’ll be doing all weekend if I’m to reach his stretching standards of not being able to tell if I’ve got a cock inside me or not…




Seeing Princess reach eight orgasms before collapsing on her birthday made me wonder what I’d choose to do to celebrate mine.

Set aside the fact that I don’t actually enjoy having choices sexually and genuinely prefer being told what to do by my Master, it’s an interesting game to play. Does my filthy mind extend to myself or just what I’d enjoy doing to Princess when I’m in charge?

I have never asked my Master to do something directly and I’m not sure if I actually could even if my life rather than my orgasm depended on it. It doesn’t really fit the dynamic of our relationship either personally or sexually and I think it would make me feel less secure in my submission to him.

I was surprised today when the thought popped into my head about what I’d like to try sexually that I really struggled to think of anything that wasn’t actually based round the list my Master gave me at the start of the year.

I did worry I’d forgotten about it slightly so I thought it would be useful to look at it again and see how I’m doing:

  1. Deepthroat my cock
  2. Take his fist in my ass
  3. Pierce your tongue
  4. Train your waist to 24″ in a corset
  5. Spend a night in a sex club wearing blackout contacts
  6. Take both his hands in my cunt
  7. Be fucked by three guys at once
  8. Make 10 people come in one night
  9. Spend a night with a girl
  10. Train my own sissy slave
  11. Get a tattoo
  12. Wear a wig and butt plug every time I go out for a month
  13. Keep a public blog of my training

I still haven’t deepthroated my Master’s cock but Princess is so good at it I need to take some lessons from her. My waist will almost certainly be 24″ by Christmas (I need my third waist trainer this year in fact) and I’ve spent a night with a girl. I’ve also worn the wig and I think we could safely say I’ve kept the blog.

I’ve done something about all the others except taking my Master’s fist in my ass or being fucked by three guys at once and there are still three months of the year to go and I don’t want to peak too soon.

The list did make me think of something I’d do if I was making choices about what I wanted to do next. I’d definitely want to work on taking both my Master’s fists in my cunt the same time.

But my fantasy version would involve the first time I took two fists at once being his fist and Princess’s at once. Being doubled fisted by a husband and wife together would be quite something.

Clearly I like the kind of fantasies that have some reality in them…




I thoroughly enjoyed warming Princess up with two birthday orgasms before my Master joined us. Without thinking I hadn’t even slipped a finger inside her when I was licking her cunt so the first thing inside on her all day was my Master’s cock.

He pulled her down onto him astride him and commented that her cunt felt surprisingly tight. I was watching them fuck when he told me to stand behind her and use the riding crop on her ass.

Even a light tap made her slide further down on his cock as her cunt just opened up but of course I couldn’t resist spanking her harder so that she writhed and begged for both more cock and more pressure on her ass at the same time.

Each thwack left a beautiful red mark and I could hear how much wetter and more open she was getting as I spanked and my Master fucked her deeper and harder in tandem. By the end I was spanking her so hard my hand was getting tired gripping the crop but it was too good watching her ass twitch it in rhythm to my Master’s cock that I didn’t want to stop.

But I had to when she came hard round his cock and and could hardly move for a minute, face down on his chest, ass glowing up in the air. She looked excellent like that so I was surprised when my Master lifted her up off him and left the room, leaving her propped against the headboard.

He reappeared a few minutes later with a bottle of champagne and glasses and after pouring us each a drink, ordered Princess to spread her legs and for me to start licking her cunt again while she toasted her orgasms with the champagne.

I went very gently to begin with but her aching cunt seemed to respond very nicely to the taste of champagne on my tongue and it didn’t take long for her to reach her fourth orgasm in 30 minutes while celebrating her birthday in style…


Breaking In Gently

Princess asked for ten orgasms for her birthday yesterday and my Master generously offered to let me start her off with the first two before he got home.

We were slightly delayed because I had bought Princess her first ever suspender belt and was teaching her how to put stockings on. She looked incredible and I couldn’t resist licking her cunt as a way to admire her new look.

It seemed a good way to warm her up with a gentle but effective orgasm and she seemed to enjoy it considering how quickly she came.

I followed my Master’s orders with a second orgasm as we rubbed our cunts together with me lying on top of her. Which is what we were doing when my Master arrived home and suggested the only thing better would be if we put the Doxy between us as we rubbed together.

The toy is so powerful it works very well that way as you don’t need it directly on both our clits to make you come and it didn’t take long before Princess was coming again writhing against it.

The feel and sound of her coming made me come even though I wasn’t pressed up against the Doxy the same way as her. Perfect timing to hand over to my Master for the next eight orgasms…

Breaking In Gently

Hangover Fun

I only really have three fundamental settings: eat, sleep, sex. My life revolves round those three interests with varying levels human interaction often involving conversation and alcohol.

But strangely the only time I don’t want to be sexual is when I have a hangover. I’ve never understood that phenomenon of ‘hangover horn’. I just want to sleep and eat potato based foods instead of have orgasms.

So it was lucky on Sunday that it was my Master with the hangover and that he doesn’t share my interest in crisps and a duvet after a night out. Instead I’m not sure anything would have stopped him from fucking.

I should have known he was planning something extravagant when he ate lunch quicker than normal and then announced he had errands to do but expected to arrive at my house to find Princess tied to the bed gagged and blindfolded with my face in her cunt when he was finished.

He was a little bit quicker than usual on his shopping too and I hadn’t quite finished making sure Princess couldn’t wriggle free when he arrived. He didn’t comment except to press my face into her cunt so that my ass was up in the air and my tongue extremely busy.

And then he spanked my ass hard with that new riding crop. He gently drew the fob over my back and bare ass and smooth cunt and made me squirm before whipping me harder than I’ve ever taken before.

I could feel my cunt absolutely gushing with each slap and smack and Princess’s was twitching under my tongue as I made her come. It took longer than usual because I was struggling to cope with the stinging pain of the spanking and kept stopping to gasp and yelp.

But just as she came, he pulled my legs apart and fucked me as I tried to keep licking her swollen clit. Between how hard he was fucking me and how hard he was spanking me at the same time I could hardly do anything except bury my face in her, trying to concentrate on her clit and listen to the noises coming out of me as I repeatedly came around my Master’s cock.

Princess did get a second orgasm from my thumb and fingers as my Master slapped sounds out of my usually completely silent self with the crop until I couldn’t take much more. I literally couldn’t get up off my knees when he’d finished with me to see how red my ass was.

I might have to ask him to photograph it next time. Because there will have to be a next time. Hangovers seem to bring out his sadistic streak and I liked it more than I expected…


Hangover Fun

Lighting Up

Princess told me the other night that she just can’t get enough of the videos I made where I’m fucking my cunt with candles and it made me laugh and get wet thinking about her response.

So when we were in bed soon after and I promised her a surprise, there was only one thing it could be. I got her to lie down and close her eyes and hold out her hands, putting a pink candle in one hand and an orange one in the other. The look on her face was pure filth when she looked down.

We started with her putting the candles into my cunt. On their own, they are slimmer than an average dildo but two together is fun, especially because the smooth wax allows them to slip and slide inside a wet cunt beautifully.

Not only does that feel delicious, but it allows you to pull the candles apart to create a scissor motion that means you’re getting fucked in two directions at once while your cunt is stretched and pulled open. It feels like nothing else in fact.

I used to use the candles out of the oh-so teenage girl candlesticks in my bedroom when I was a teenager because they were the only thing I could think to use to fuck myself with when I was masturbating and couldn’t get any kind of sex toy or dildo and couldn’t be obvious about what I was doing.

I loved the feel of the wax even then but no one else had ever used them on me so Princess making me come as she stretched me open with them was ridiculously hot. Definitely not a scenario I imagined as a horny teenager.

And then I got to introduce Princess to that feeling too. I licked her cunt until she came and then instead of letting her pull away like she usually does at that point with her sensitive clit I kept my thumb on it the whole time, lightly brushing it.

With my other hand I slipped two fingers right to the base into her soaking wet cunt and only took my thumb off her clit to slip the two candles into her too. I’ve rarely seen her cunt look so good. Beautifully shaped and stretched with her clit swollen and begging for more.

I’d have loved to take a photo of it for my Master but sadly both my hands were literally full and I couldn’t. And with Princess squirming beneath me it would have been a shame to stop.

Instead I started playing with the candles, sliding them open and apart and deeper into her cunt, hearing her gasp and groan under me as she got to star in her own version of the video she’s been masturbating to for weeks.

She looked so good I decided to reward her by letting her put the Doxy on her eager clit while I continued to fill her cunt up with fingers and candles. The result wasn’t so much an orgasm as an explosion. Her back arched right off the bed and the sound she made was barely human.

I’d have been slightly scared I was harming her if I couldn’t feel her cunt wrapping itself round my hand in the most glorious way and seen her look of dazed happiness afterwards. And the best bit? We get to do it again to show my Master in technicolour glory…


Lighting Up