As I mentioned a few days ago, my Master and Princess have been on holiday and their plan was to finish their trip off by coming to mine on their return and stretching her further. Oh and I’d been promised a present as well.


I am absolutely loving my life at the moment but if I was being greedy, I’ve missed directly submitting to my Master just as much recently and I was instantly thrilled to see him start to set up a scene based around it.

Princess was to come to my house first so that I could dress her and tie her blindfolded to the bed. I would kneel on the floor beside her and we would both wait for him to arrive at 6.15pm.

She is not very good at delayed gratification and while I could kneel for hours and wait because it turns me on so much, I could see that within a minute or so of silence she was itching to ask the equivalent of ‘are we there yet?’

And my Master knows her so very well that at exactly 6.15pm he messaged me to say that I was to tell Princess that I wasn’t allowed to speak to her again until I’d come. He was going to come round and ignore her until I’d come round his cock as she’d had his cock to herself all week.

I gave her the order and then waited so quietly for him to arrive that I knew she couldn’t tell if anyone was in the room. I could see her squirm and her hand brush across her cunt and then back to her sides.

Then my Master ordered me to blindfold myself and I was able to wait for him in that sense of submission and anticipation that makes my cunt drip. I listen out for any noise he makes when he arrives but he’s almost as silent as me.

Next thing I know he’s standing in front of me and his cock is in my mouth before bending me over the bed and fucking me as I leaned over Princess’s legs. She could only hear what was happening until he turned me round face first into her cunt and got me to lick as he fucked me again.

Somewhere in the middle of thanking him for the orgasm he’d just given me, he pulled my leg back and lifted my knee and gave me my present as he slipped the strap on and harness onto me so I could start fucking Princess…



One thought on “Gift

  1. […] After building me up nicely all morning and afternoon with the John Holmes toy, I was incredibly horny and well stretched when my Master arrived at my house. Wearing the blindfold always makes my other senses as alert as my cunt when I hear the front door open and I was particularly interested to hear that he was carrying a bag with him. My Master rarely brings props but when he does they are well chosen. […]


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