True Friendship

I only owned two sex toys before I met my Master: a tiny basic vibrator from Lovehoney and my wand. I was so ambivalent about sex toys I’d only bought one of them in fact and barely used either toy much.

Part of this is because my first love for orgasms has always been a hand rather than a toy. My Master has taken both techniques up a notch in the time I’ve known him though and it’s hard to remember that I didn’t always love my wand like I do now.

In fact I was so disinterested in sex toys at that stage, my wand was actually a birthday present from a friend. Designed to encourage me to its charms and away from finding strange men to fuck when I wanted an orgasm, it was an interesting gift to open in a restaurant.

Its appearance was met with a mix of hushed reverence and gleeful lust that gave me a new insight into several friends’ interests and some very high expectations for it. I ended up using it that night when the man I was seeing stood me up.

I’m not sure if it was the circumstances or the hype but the first time I used it was utterly underwhelming. I’m not even sure if I came, but it didn’t make up for sleeping alone that night.

I know I used it again, more than once, between then and meeting my Master but I don’t remember being blown away by it until he came on the scene and then I fell hard for the wand and its charms, even momentarily blacking out the first time my Master put it inside me on full power and made me come.

It also made me ejaculate for the first time and squirt with another person when Princess and I used it together recently. It never fails to get me off now and I remain fascinated by the variety of ways it can be used on anyone (men included.)

In fact I love it so much, the time has come for me to introduce a friend to it by buying her one for herself. I’m cooking her lunch today and passing her present on, bought while they are on offer on Lovehoney and while I had 25% off anything on the site as well.

I haven’t bothered making dessert as I’m expecting her to make an excuse about having a lot of work to do and leaving early once she sees what her gift is though…

True Friendship

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