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I was amused to get texts from my Master last night that he and Princess were in a hotel watching the Fifty Shades of Grey film and drinking steadily to numb the awfulness of it. He declared it the least sexy he’d ever seen and asked had I watched it.

I’m still not entirely recovered from the fact my Master set me the task to read all three books in the Fifty Shades trilogy a few months ago. I never worked out if it was a punishment for something or simply showing me just how appalling a representation of a D/s relationship the book really is.

Either way I read all fifteen hundred pages and didn’t get wet once. I kept waiting for the kink to actually start, but instead it was all materialism, marriage and babies rather than anything taboo breaking.

The only thing my inner goddess learned was that I’m really not wired to enjoy vanilla sex. I need kink to keep my interest both mentally and sexually. It’s slightly frustrating to have learned that my kink is D/s just as such a bad representation of it hits the mainstream, but also useful to have that confirmation that I need my sex more complicated.

My Master asked me to give Princess a reading list of other books that show D/s in a better light and these are all ones I’ve read and enjoyed enough to either get wet or squirm at reading in a public place:

The Secret Life of a Submissive by Sarah K: ignore the Fifty Shades style marketing and the fact it’s a Sunday Times bestseller. It’s better and raunchier than you’d expect from both. There’s an excellent scene in a wood that you’ll certainly remember.

The Diary of a Submissive by Sophie Morgan: a proper girl next door discovers submission in real life with none of the magic thinking of Fifty Shades. Good on the whole why do I enjoy submitting if I’m an independent woman dilemma and the why do I enjoy domination if I’m a nice man question.

No Ordinary Love Story by Sophie Morgan: the sequel to the book above I found this much much hotter. I’d only bother going on holiday again if the mini break is like the one in this book…

My Not-So-Shameful Sex Secrets by Girl on the Net: I love love love GoTN’s writing. If you don’t read her blog, start right now and then buy the book. Absolutely filthy, it’s funny and slutty but never show offy. There’s a good mix of submission and emotion and I think there’s a couple of scenes I knew off by heart at one point such was their effect on me.

How a Bad Girl Fell In Love by Girl on the Net: another sequel, it talks a lot about submission in a relationship and how you keep on doing it with the same person without losing interest. Not at all soppy, it’s pretty sexy in places too.

Bound to You by Nichi Hodgson: rebranded to cash in on the Christian Grey bandwagon, this is another real life account of discovering D/s this time through sex work. It gets shitty reviews from people expecting more Fifty Shades so you can tell it’s worth a read.

On My Knees by Kristina Lloyd: a book of short stories on submission. I must have read the one involving a Sharpie and a set of hotel sheets at least ten times and never failed to get wet instantly.

Hopefully Princess will find something there she enjoys and my Master won’t have to punish me with the film. Although I’m struggling with this enforced abstinence while they are on holiday and it might work better than a cold shower…


Reading List

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