Princess bottle

In the olden days you got a postcard from people when they were away, but the modern world allows your Master to send you Whatsapp videos of him fucking his wife with a cider bottle instead. All I had to do was add the sentiment ‘wish you were here’ myself.

Princess was stretched wider than I’ve ever seen her. Quite a leap from the pighole to a 330ml bottle but she’d managed it extremely well being fucked to a screaming orgasm and managing to leave me a voicemail in the process.

I was particularly impressed as I’ve never managed to take a bottle like this myself. I’ve fucked larger objects as you can tell from my Clips 4 Sale store but something about the shape of the flat base on a bottle has always defeated me.

So it was lucky I was drinking a cold beer in bed when my Master messaged me and set me this as a challenge to try while they are still away. I’m a little nervous as I think I’m a little out of practice on stretching at the moment but I think the submission will help.

I’d be interested to see if anyone else can manage the challenge and send me photos of it to encourage me though…


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