Light Reading

I am a devotee to my Kindle these days. It makes it much easier to read things in public that might catch people’s eye and cause some surprise. That’s how I managed to read all three books in the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy and didn’t mind a delay on the Tube last night as I read The Ethical Slut.

But occasionally I buy a ‘real’ book if I have to. I bought this one ‘A Hand in the Bush: The Fine Art of Vaginal Fisting’ online a few weeks ago and then completely forgot about it. It took about three weeks to ship to me and I was very very confused when the postman handed me a sealed brown paper envelope this morning.

I ripped it open and laughed when I saw what it was and then went back to bed where I had some very interesting dreams. When I got up again, I made a cup of tea and lay in bed reading the book wondering if I’d learn anything.

And I did. I was reminded that fisting is the most intense sexual experience of my life both to give and receive. Just thinking back to the first times I’ve fisted Princess or my Master has fisted me gave me some of the same overwhelming pleasure and sensation the actual act does in person.

I’d also recommend the book if you’re interested in learning more about fisting from any vantage point. It’s informative without being patronising and it’s not too perky or American in its tone.

But remember it will take long enough to arrive that you’ll have forgotten about it so be careful who you open the package in front of…


Light Reading

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