One of the very first orders my Master gave me was to shave my cunt nice and smooth. This was before we’d ever had sex and long before I realised properly that we were in a D/s relationship. Thinking it was only a fling, I refused.

It’s one of the few things I’ve ever outright said no to him over. And like all the others I still ended up doing it and loving it so that I wondered why I’d said no before.

Strangely pubic hair is one of those topics that non dominant men tend to have opinions about and by the time my Master gave that order, I had reached my limit with men commenting how they felt I should be displaying a part of my own body.

These men seemed to think that by fucking me they had a sense of ownership over my body without actually offering anything in return. Often we weren’t in a relationship and never were they offering me the chance to ask the same of them.

My Master said very little to my refusal to perform my task but hopefully took it as a challenge to keep pushing me to challenge myself. He never mentioned it again, nor hinted or wheedled or sulked but instead offered me support and stability over months and months which is how to get someone to submit to you rather than just bark orders.

So when in the space of a few days he ordered me to start wearing my wig, shave myself smooth and buy a corset, I didn’t refuse at all. And I got an incredible reward the first time we had sex with my new smooth cunt and it felt much more sensitive and easier to come.

The fact it pleased him so much probably had something to do with that…


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