I borrowed Princess for so long the other night that my Master thought I wasn’t going to give her back and made sure to punish me for my lack of permission. I couldn’t have another orgasm until Princess had had an orgasm with the pighole.

Seems simple until you remember that Princess has never managed to take and open the pighole and was in fact finding it actively unpleasant and painful each time. I liked the idea of stretching her capacities in all ways but I also set aside thoughts of orgasms any time soon.

I wanted to get her less nervous about the pighole so I took it out in my handbag the other day when we went shopping so she got used to it being around. Then my Master got home from work and ordered us to go and try it while he took a shower.

I started off by fucking Princess’s soaking wet cunt with one finger at a time and adding another one each time her cunt tightened round me. It didn’t take long to have my whole fist inside her and then switch that for the folded pighole.

I slipped the pighole straight into her, not even needing some lube because she was so ready for it and just as she was ready to be fucked with it, I just left it inside her knowing that Princess has an impatient bratty streak and she’d want to open the pighole at her own pace rather than be told.

Having begged to have the pighole taken out every time we’d tried it before now, she reached down while I wasn’t looking and opened it wide so calmly and easily I wasn’t quite sure she’d done it until my whole fist slipped inside her again with ease.

I rewarded her with the wand and my Master timed it perfectly to come into the bedroom so he could fuck her with the fully open pighole stretching her cunt wide. He’s much more patient than her so he fucked me to an orgasm first and made her wait wide and ready.

And then he made me lie under her cunt as he fucked her from behind so I could look up and see her gorgeous new rubber cunt being pounded by his cock as I licked her clit. Neither of them have ever looked hotter and it took a lot of willpower not to lick his balls as well but I didn’t want to distract as he fucked her harder and harder.

I don’t think I’ve seen either of them come like that before. She looked completely undone and his orgasm seemed to last several minutes. She slipped the pighole out and he reminded me they were keeping this one.

But we’ve still got to stretch her that little bit further so her orgasms push the pighole out as she comes…


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