I enjoy giving orders to Princess to please my Master but on one thing, she gives me orders. She tells me to stop being so modest and show off my body in public and I’m paying attention.

When I first met my Master, I didn’t even own a short skirt but under his training, he’s taught me to wear a corset and latex and love both. But I still baulked at bare legs or exposed cleavage when out and about.

Part of it that I like the idea that my clothes are demure and fairly modest while I am of course a massive slut at heart. Too many people still associate what you wear with what your sexual tastes are and I’ve always liked to throw them off the scent with a fondness for polo necks or opaque tights.

The other part which pisses me off in fact, is the nagging fear that I’m too old for certain things now. That a woman ‘of my age’ shouldn’t wear tiny satin shorts or ass skimming skirts or bras that push your tits up to your chin. There’s that fear of being seen as mutton dressed as lamb in some ways.

But I’ve been rewatching Sex and The City recently and in between marvelling at what a pain in the ass Carrie Bradshaw is, I’ve been admiring the fact she wears whatever the fuck she liked at the age of thirty five, including some of the smallest shorts I’ve ever seen.

I won’t be seeing thirty five again, but it reminded me it didn’t really matter so when I went shopping with Princess the other day I wore a pair of very short shorts with bare legs and enjoyed her reaction hugely.

And I particularly enjoyed her running her hand up and down my bare leg and getting me incredibly wet on the bus on the way home…


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