My Master was very generous with his slut last night. He let me borrow Princess all afternoon and then all evening until he asked where she was at 1am and I set her home.

I got a little bit distracted by playing with the wand between us again which this time made me squirt for the first time with another person. You can understand that I wanted to play with that time and time again…

Then there was more trying to fist her with the Belladonna Bitch Fist toy and watching how stretched and open her cunt was for it. Still didn’t quite manage it but my Master has given me a new task to remind me of my place.

Princess isn’t allowed to make me come again until I make her come with the pighole inside her as punishment for getting carried away last night. She hasn’t managed it at all yet so I have lots of work to do inside of playing around to redeem myself to my Master.

And in the meantime, he’s reminded me sluts need to be seen and shared and told me to put this photo of her gorgeous open cunt up for you all…

princess fist



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