Make It Up

So Princess and I went out shopping for the day. I’m the organised type so I took the flogger, a butt plug and an aubergine in my bag and she followed my Master’s orders and wore no underwear under her skirt.

We started off with some clothes shopping as I’m slightly obsessed with new underwear for Princess. No misbehaving in the changing rooms but I did enjoy watching her try bras on and seeing what her nipples were doing as she wore a pair of those jiggle balls as we shopped.

Then it was off to try on some make up. My Master actually smudged my eyeliner the other night so I needed something even heavier to withstand him fucking me like that. Plus Princess told me she’s never seen me in red lipstick so I got one of the girls to apply a dark red long lasting lipstick.

I rather liked the look, but I liked taking Princess into the changing rooms of the nearest department store and and making her strip off completely and kneel up on the banquette with her ass in the air to flog it.

Every crack of a suede flogger sounds incredibly loud in the hushed environments of a changing room even when it has a very heavy door but both of us enjoyed the sheer riskiness of it and got incredibly wet. Wet enough for Princess to slip a second pair of jiggle balls into her cunt in fact.

I then showed Princess why I’d tried the lipstick on beforehand as I licked her clit til she came and covered her in red lipstick in the process. I liked the evidence of how much I enjoy licking her cunt.

We then switched round and she began licking me which made for an excellent view for me with her naked ass visible in all those mirrors for me as she licked me and then someone really rattled the door handle and tried to open the changing room.

Clearly a mistake, we both jumped up and pretended to be trying on lingerie instead of having sex. We left separately and the walked doing more shopping only able to think about Princess’s soaking wet lipstick marked cunt was trying to hold onto both pairs of jiggle balls.

No wonder she wanted to stand up on the Tube on the way back to mine…

Make It Up

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