Slow Learner

I always thought it was me who was the slow learner but Princess was definitely taking my crown yesterday. Very slow not to argue with my Master’s orders before I met her, she talked herself out of an afternoon orgasm and into a spanking instead.

I made her wait in anticipation though and took her out for coffee first then ordered her strip her panties off and lean across the arm of the sofa to be spanked. Twenty times on each cheek of her ass on his orders.

I just made her say ‘thank you sir’ in between each spank to really reinforce why she was on her sofa with her ass in the air instead of in her bed with my fist in her cunt instead. She didn’t miss a single one either as I made her ass glow red with my hand.

Which is why it was disappointing that she missed the chance to show my Master what she’d learned later when he got home from work. Generously allowing her to finally have her long awaited orgasm with my hand inside her and him fucking her throat, he carried on stretching her with his fist as she licked my cunt until she came again.

She did say thank you but there was no ‘sir’ on the end so he punished her by fucking her cunt with his fist all over again while I held the wand on her clit until she stretched further and came even harder. She didn’t miss her thank you properly that time trust me.

And while she was still undone from her third fist fucking orgasm in under an hour, my Master finished off by fucking her ruined cunt harder than I have ever seen someone been fucked before in my life.

I almost thought he might break her but the noise of him pounding her with his cock made me ridiculously wet again despite her having licked my cunt to several orgasms just before. It was the sound of a completely stretched cunt right there…

Slow Learner

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