My Master has been giving me and Princess very detailed plans for today and tonight. I do love being given an order so this already makes me feel calm and anticipatory for later.

Princess is much brattier and has managed to talk her way out of an orgasm this afternoon and into a spanking already. Part of me is amused when she rebels and part of me is turned on because it brings out the strictness in my Master which I so enjoy.

And it turns out there’s a bit of me that enjoys being strict too and disciplining her. She reacts so well to it at the time and yet still never quite learns enough not to do it again next time.

This means I look forward to seeing what I can come up with this afternoon when I’m in charge of her, but even more as to what my Master will do this evening. He’s in the mood to wait and take his two sluts out dressed up to show them off first which is a sign he’s plotting something.

That should make for an interesting evening and an fun blog post tomorrow…



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