One of the most interesting things for me about beginning a D/s relationship with my Master is that it’s the first time I’ve consistently had sex sober.

This is not to say that all the fucking I’d done before had been when I was drunk. My liver would after all have given up if it was. But a lot of my sexual encounters involved men I’d met in bars and parties and clubs and there was usually drink taken if not actually drunkenness.

Part of that is that 99% of the time I’m a good drinker. I get more relaxed, a lot smilier and more confident to flirt. I enjoy the social lubrication of drinking (I am Irish after all) and quite often drinking puts me in the mood to fuck.

Unfortunately it probably also made me less discerning about who I fucked. Even small amounts of alcohol don’t always make for fantastic decision making and bearing in mind I tend to think with my cunt most of the time anyway, I think we can say no one would give me a prize for my decision making around men if left to my own devices.

This is a huge advantage in my relationship with my Master of course. He doesn’t leave it my own devices. He makes decisions for me and tells me what to do and it works extremely well. I trust him implicitly. Much more than I trust myself in fact.

He also holds me to higher standards than most men did. I may be submissive to him sexually but it’s extremely interactive. There’s no letting my mind wander or lying back and thinking of England. He pushes me physically and emotionally when we’re fucking and very early on I realised alcohol for me is incompatible with that.

I tend to avoid any booze around him if it’s likely we’ll have sex (although I very much enjoyed finishing a threesome recently with him sending Princess to bring our pink fizz in bed.) But I couldn’t resist taking Princess out for cocktails the other night before fucking her.

Much less about the drinks than the delayed gratification of sitting in public imagining what would happen in private, the alcohol did make it feel different. I was slightly more relaxed but I felt less able to focus and less able to pay full attention to detail toward her.

I also found it harder to come and quite frankly there’s no cocktail on earth that’s more enjoyable than an orgasm. I’ll stick to being sober and submissive instead…


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