So, as if I didn’t have enough to occupy myself right now with my Master and Princess, he has suggested I find another female submissive to train up.

I’m excited enough about the idea to have posted an ad on Craigslist but also slightly apprehensive about training someone neither of us know as well as conflicted about having sex with another woman when I’m so enjoying getting to know Princess.

My main question in my head when I was posting the ad was wondering if I’ll have a type in women. What will be the things I find attractive in another woman? Will Princess influence my tastes or will each woman be individual to themselves on looks and personality?

I have to some extent had a type in men, more in personality than looks per se. A friend who knew about my slutty ways years ago once teased me that I could get away with my behaviour because no one would ever guess what all these very different looking men had in common.

Meeting my Master turned my type on its head a bit but in a good way. I had never stopped to think if I was choosing the right men for me, but basically following what my cunt reacted to. Fun, but not especially helpful long term.

My Master ticks several physical things I seem to have a type for, but he completely confounded my tendencies on personality and age and I suspect that forcing me to stop just mindlessly following patterns is one of the reasons it’s working so well.

So I’m intrigued how my brain and body will react to women. I do know that my taste runs to femme women but I don’t yet have any preference to hair colour or body shape or race.

I’m guessing therefore that I can get away with watching all the girls go by from behind my sunglasses in the sunny weather in London right now. It’s not creepiness, it’s research for a task…


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