One of the reasons I had never been interested in women sexually before Princess is that I thought I’d always compare it to sex with men and find it somehow lacking because there was no cock.

There are other things I like about men. I like the feel of their bodies, their hairiness, their size, their smell, but I have always loved cock.

In fact I always thought I was in some way freakish for imagining men’s cocks or them fucking me when the other girls at school seemed so much more excited by dating them and put up with with dick to get the hand holding and teddy bears.

I had no issue with sex not involving cocks for other people but for me it was always the old fashioned dick inside me sort so I thought I’d find sex with women lesser in some strange way.

Well, it turns out I was wrong. It’s just different and I haven’t once thought ‘this is good, but it’d be great if she had a cock’. I like the feel of women too. Their lack of body hair, their smaller size, the long hair, the smooth skin, the different smell. It’s all incredibly hot.

And one of my favourite things about sex with a  woman is licking her cunt. I know it isn’t everyone’s cup of tea and I was quite worried about not being at good at it because it gets talked about in terms of difficulty, not fun.

Setting aside the tendency society has to regard women’s bodies as ‘difficult’ compared to men’s, the very fact that oral sex is specific to the person you are giving it to is the joy of it for me generally.

The difference with oral sex between women is that you get some clues from them as to what they like when they go down on you which makes it a lot of fun adapting it. Discovering I can make Princess come from licking her cunt almost made me smug about following the clues she gave.

Now all I need to do is follow her tips for sucking my Master’s cock as well as she does and I’ll have the perfect scenario of sex involving cock and cunt and orgasms for everyone…


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