So I’ve got several people based projects at the moment while I train them into submissives. My answer to this is to be organised and my answer to organisation is a Pinterest board.

I have them for the tattoos I’m planning on my Master’s orders. I have one for things that inspire Candi. And I have one for each sub, picking out outfits, ideas and inspirations. It makes me chuckle that most people use it for planning a DIY project or dinner and I like to use it for smut.

But I’m always amused by my ability to seek out the sexual in life. I had never really noticed it until I met my Master and became Candi but strangely looking at images on Pinterest shows me I always had it.

I have always loved the photos of people like Helmut Newton and Guy Bourdin who were using heavily kink inspired imagery even in the Seventies. In fact I loved Helmut Newton’s work so much the very first morning I lived in London I made sure to visit the last day of a retrospective of his photos at the Barbican.

I never associated it with kink per se. It was just beautiful to me, featuring women who you assume are in charge but just don’t give a shit what people think. They revel in the male (especially) gaze and they know what they want. That was just what drew me to them.

I also loved Robert Mapplethorpe and Ellen Von Unwerth but again never thought of them as kinky or overtly sexual and couldn’t understand why people found them shocking. Challenging yes, shocking, no.

I didn’t get that I seem to be wired differently to other people and see sex differently and see sex in everything. Not until I noticed that in looking for the simplest things on Pinterest, I can find the the flash of latex, the sexiest style of lingerie and put a slant on nearly anything to make it sexual.

I think that knack was there, but my Master has helped cultivate it and give it some purpose…



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