Take Care

My Master took pity on me that Princess is on holiday and set me a challenge to play with myself yesterday. I’ve been forbidden to since he gave me her and clearly I was out of practice because I read the orders wrong.

I was to size up through all my toys one at a time getting as big as possible and I for some reason thought I wasn’t to come because of having been forbidden to masturbate recently.

I already felt disobedient not wearing my corset but it’s hot in London right now and all I wanted to do was wear the white shirt my Master likes and be as naked as possible other than that.

I lined the toys up and started with the ice cold glass toy straight from the freezer. It was blissful. So cold it made me feel hot. I let it warm completely inside me and then moved up to the black and white striped ceramic toy filled with cold water.

I was sending photos to my Master and Princess as I went, partly to distract me from how much I wanted to come but thought I couldn’t. I progressed up through the big plug and the John Holmes toy, getting wetter and more stretched.

And then my Master asked how I was moving so quickly and coming each time and I realised I’d misread my order. I was expecting a punishment and it came, not the shape of the plug I was now to put in my ass, but in starting all over again.

I began again with the now warmed up glass toy and enjoyed fucking myself to an orgasm with it, thinking about how I’d done the very same to Princess the other week. Just the thought got me soaking wet.

And then I was onto the black and white toy again. This time I got it so deep inside me Princess described it as my cunt completely swallowing it and it didn’t take much to make me come.

The big plug is a different challenge. It stretches me and fills me up and I love how it feels but it’s tricky to actually make myself come with it even with the glass toy in my ass. I had to fuck myself incredibly hard and fast and for quite a while to manage it.

I was delighted to see the John Holmes toy again. You know where you are with a huge cock after all. But not so much with my Master who reminded me at this point that I hadn’t thanked him for each orgasm.

I almost started making excuses. It was hot, I was distracted, but I hadn’t and it was lax of me. I deserved a punishment. And he gave me it. He made me start again. Right from the beginning for the third time.

You wouldn’t necessarily think being told to have more orgasms is a punishment, but it can feel like it. Again the glass and ceramic toys were easy enough to use and thank my Master for.

But the plug made me want to curse it. I felt like I’d been for a run by the time I made myself come again. Exhausted and sweating I thanked him all the same. The John Holmes felt like lying on the beach in comparison. No difficulty thanking my Master for that orgasm.

And then after using all those three times, I was onto the Belladonna Bitch Fist and was so open and stretched it slipped in with ease. I barely had to fuck myself it stretched and filled me so much that I came easily. So easily I squirted all over the bed when I took it out. I felt very thankful.

I still couldn’t take the Bombshell toy on my own but I was able to fuck the Ass Servant to an orgasm with the wand on my clit for a final thank you. And for once today my timing was perfect. I had literally just come when my houseguest arrived home.

The only problem was I had to get up after ten orgasms and start making dinner with shaking legs and hands…

Take Care

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