I think I have two basic skills in life. I’m slutty and I’m good with words. They may have developed separately, but they’ve often proved to be useful together.

So it’s not really any wonder I offered to write a Craigslist ad for a regular reader of the blog today. He’s looking for a woman to fist and hadn’t had as much of a response from his original ad as he’d hoped.

Having had some luck and some fun with Craigslist ads, I couldn’t help but volunteer my skills because I’m both nosey and clearly have the idea that my influence is further reaching than I think

I also think there’s some times a mismatch between how men and women talk on online ads whether its Craigslist ads for specific sexual acts or  OKCupid looking for your life partner.

Women tend to be quite vague and hesitant of asserting a genuine preference so they seem unenthusiastic and men tend to be so specific than they tell you all the things they don’t want over the things they do which makes many women think they are being negative.

In my experience, you need somewhere in between especially if you’re looking for something quite precise sexually. But be aware that in the online dating world there’s a trope that men never like to date over the age of 30. Many women develop a distrust of age gaps that sound like older men wanting much younger women because they prefer them younger and less experienced.

So you’re looking for younger women because you think they are more likely to be single or available, say it so your ad doesn’t get discarded for you accidentally being seen as dirty old man. Make sure your dirty mind is what makes them reply instead!

If you happen to be a young slim women in London hoping to try fisting for the first time (and can host), either check out Craigslist M4W today for the ad or get in touch with me so I can put you in touch with him.

Maybe matchmaking will be my next skill…


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