Break Me

I was slightly startled by the ferocity of Princess’s orgasm with my Master’s fist inside her the other night and more than a little envious of how good it looked so I was interested to see what he had in mind for me.

I haven’t worn my full corset for a while but I was wearing it last night over the latex and while Princess was recovering, my Master put me on his cock facing away from him and leaned me forward to pull the corset so tight I could only breathe easily if I sat down deeper on his cock.

Princess was on her knees, licking my clit as I tried to get my breath, my rhythm and enough of my Master’s cock all at once. It felt good and yet so overwhelming I had to ask him to loosen the corset just slightly to help me out.

I felt as overcome as Princess had seemed to be when he got me up off his cock and onto my back, slipping the pighole into me. I’m not sure what I was expecting but he was surprisingly gentle, fucking me slowly and deeply and almost tenderly despite my stretched rubber cunt not being what you might associate with that.

But my Master doesn’t like me to be too sure of what he’s doing, so just as I started to relax into that style of fucking, he flipped me round and fucked me from behind allowing himself to push so hard into the pighole that you could hear the rubber with each thrust.

It was incredibly hot to all of us and he was fucking me harder and harder, pulling me onto my back with my legs up round his neck, fucking me in one of my favourite positions where although his cock is deep inside, you feel you could take more and more.

I almost broke my rule about begging or worse, telling him what to do when he told Princess she could pick where he came between her ass or my cunt. I’m not sure I could have let him stop if she hadn’t told him to come inside me.

He still chose one of his favourite positions with Princess underneath me and him fucking me from behind while I had my face buried in her cunt, but he pulled the pighole out and fucked me harder than I have ever been fucked in my life, lifting me deeper onto his cock with the laces of the corset.

I’m not sure if was lack of oxygen, adrenaline or subspace, but I was barely aware of him coming into me because everything felt heightened yet detached, only aware of the heat of his come inside me and dripping out onto Princess’s face.

I was genuinely so light headed afterwards I had to ask to take the corset off to stop me actually feeling dizzy. I couldn’t make any kind of decision to sit up or lie down and I was utterly dazed from fucking.

Luckily my Master made the decision for all of us and sent Princess to the fridge to bring a bottle of cava and some glasses back to use alcohol to revive me. How couldn’t you feel better in drinking cold wine in bed with the two people you’ve just fucked…?


Break Me

2 thoughts on “Break Me

  1. I’ve been reading your posts with interest and fascination. I have to admit I do not understand the desire to be stretched, outside of a personal love of fisting. I wouldn’t want to be made loose, and the fact that fisting hurts and is used seldom enough to retain its painful overwhelming aspect is the main draw for me.

    I’ve probably missed the beginning of the story, and I apologize, but could you indulge me and talk a little about the concept of systematized stretching for me so that I may better understand this, please?


  2. […] avoid any booze around him if it’s likely we’ll have sex (although I very much enjoyed finishing a threesome recently with him sending Princess to bring our pink fizz in bed.) But I couldn’t resist taking […]


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