A Night In

I was looking forward to taking my Master and Princess out for the night last night but unfortunately the kink based event we were going to was cancelled. Slightly disappointed I wouldn’t get to see what my Master had up his sleeve in public, I waited to see what he might suggest in private.

He gave Princess the choice to fuck me as a threesome or go to the cinema. Clearly she wasn’t that keen to see the all female Ghostbusters re-make as she chose fucking me instead.

Several rules were set. We were both to be ready at their flat when he got home from work at six o’clock and I was to dress Princess. She had no choice in what she wore while I was to wear my latex catsuit.

In evidence of how much I’ve changed due to my Master’s training, I thoroughly enjoyed walking to their flat through a busy part of London just before rush hour in the latex catsuit with a suit jacket over it, watching for people’s reactions. Apart from a few over enthusiastic charity muggers it attracted surprisingly little attention.

But it put me in the perfect mind to dress Princess. I put her in the white rubber skirt we bought a few weeks ago and a gorgeous black lace bra top with lots of eyeliner and the black velvet choker she bought recently. It doubles as a collar in the circumstances and add a whole sexy Sixties French look to everything that goes with her blonde hair.

We look completely different to each other from height to skin tone to hair colour, but we complimented each other perfectly in white and black rubber as we kissed on the bed waiting for my Master to walk in the door.

He seemed to like what he saw too, particularly enjoying that unique creaking squeaking sound of latex as we moved together. He started by getting Princess to suck his cock before he and I challenged her brattiness by lying on each of her arms so she couldn’t move as he slipped his fist into her again and I held the wand on her clit.

She came so hard she looked like she’d completely come undone, writhing and squirming on the bed round his fist making little noises and looked dazed. I’ve rarely seen anyone come that hard before and my Master slipped his cock into her straightaway to keep her coming.

There was no chance of her uttering a single bratty thing in that state which I suspect was the plan…

A Night In

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