Princess has a much stronger bratty streak than me. Not is she amused by my love of following Master’s rules, but she still keeps trying to set them herself.

So yesterday when I said I was going to call round and use her, she told me what would suit. Smiling to myself, my Master stepped and reminded her she is a sex toy who doesn’t get to choose.

But she does get a punishment for trying to. She was going to be spanked forty times on her ass with my hand while wearing the jiggle balls and the wand on her clit and she was going to have to try to come in that position.

I do love seeing her gorgeous ass up in the air so spanking her is one of my greatest joys in life. I’m also getting more practised at it and seemed to be able to deliver a good smack each time.

She squirmed and bucked and winced under my hand and I especially enjoyed hearing her count to ten and hearing the effort in her voice. I spanked each side ten times before switching over, stopping to see how glowing red her ass was.

She didn’t come but she did enjoy the sensation of the balls moving inside her each time my hand hit her willing and waiting ass and she was so wet when I stopped and took the balls out, it wasn’t much difficulty to slip my whole fist into her.


I probably shouldn’t say how much I’m enjoying her brattiness but it has its moments…


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